Nokia Software Updater for Retail 3.08

New version of Nokia Software Updater for Retail is available. This tool offers a simple SW update method especially targeted for Nokia Care front-end and Point-of-Sales.

"Nokia Software Updater For Retail" replaces earlier "Nokia Software Updater for Care", which has been discontinued.

Please uninstall earlier releases before installing the latest version of "Nokia Software Updater for Retail".



Version 1: 12.7.2013 Initial version


Supported features

Simple and easy firmware updates for all Nokia devices.
localized for 40 languages
Warranty Check through Internet Explorer
Automatic update over Internet
Log file collection for troubleshooting purposes
Automatic clean up of ununsed data packages


Changes & Error corrections from previous version 3.04

Possibility to show dealer specific advertisement during flashing operation added .
Indicator to show end to end flashing progress (including downloading) added to UI.
New easy warranty check is done by the application itself. No need to open browser separately anymor
Minor usability improvements and error fixes



22 thoughts on “Nokia Software Updater for Retail 3.08

  1. How to download this software , I tried but not getting it can you please help by posting the download link ?

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