Dead Flashing Nokia X with Nokia Care Suite

  • When you root your Nokia X, delete something wrong, then the phone is dead, you need dead flashing it.
  • When you flash your Nokia X in the wrong way, then the phone is dead, you need dead flashing it.
  • When you install some apps that makes the phone dead, you need dead flashing it.
  • Hardware problem can not be fixed by dead flashing it.
  • You will lose all the data(Contacts, etc.)


1. Download The latest firmware with Nokia Data Package Manager 2013.7.5 Edited (Screenshot image is the firmware version until 2014.05.25)

Download The latest firmware with Nokia Data Package Manager 2013.7.5 Edited


2. Download and install the Nokia Care Suite (Until 2014.06.19)


1. Put the firmware(RM-980 Folder) into the default path “C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\”.

Put the firmware(RM-980 Folder) into the default path

2. Open Nokia Care Suite – Product Support Tool For Store 5.0.

Open Nokia Care Suite – Product Support Tool For Store 5

3. Click Work offline.

Click Work offline

4. Choose “File” - “Open Product”.

Choose File - Open Product

5. Choose “RM-980 (Nokia X)”.

Choose RM-980 (Nokia X)

6. Choose “Programming” – “Recovery”

Choose Programming - Recovery

7. If the firmware is in the right path, you will see the “Product Code”, “Version”, “Variant Name” and “Data package path”.

If the firmware is in the right path, you will see the Product Code, Version, Variant Name and Data package path

8. Click the “Start”

Click the Start

9. It will verify the data package.

It will verify the data package

10. Make sure your phone is powered off, press the “Volume Down” and the “Power” button at the same time, when feel the vibration, Release the “Power” button but keep pressing the “Volume Down” button for 15 seconds, the phone should show the screen only with “Nokia”, connect the phone with your computer, the computer will recognize and install the drivers, when drivers is installed property successfully, click the “Retry” button.

click the Retry button

11. Nokia Care Suite will recognize the phone and start flash it, it will take about 5 minutes.

Nokia Care Suite will recognize the phone and start flash it, it will take about 5 minutes

12. Recovery Completed.


13. Your can have your Nokia X back.

127 comments on “Dead Flashing Nokia X with Nokia Care Suite”

  1. i’m using nokia x RM-980….my phone in bootloop…when I trying this method main problem is driver sw of my phone in my system not proper…a yellow warning sign in the driver sw section…and i can’t even update it…help me plzz

  2. I tried with RM-1045 (Lumia 930), was going everything fine till the “pressing power an down volume” option. My phone is dead and doesn’t vibrate or turn on the screen when i do any of the buttons combination (i’ve tried even long time pressing, ~2 mins)

    As the program ask me to press volume down and power button, i cannot do it.

    My phone (Lumia 930) apears like QHSUSB_BULK

    I’m screwed right?

  3. hiii sir i am recover my lumia 535 but in nokia care suite its shows that Product in Flash Mode. Its also not vibrating when i press and hold volume down and power button please help me what can i do now

  4. Hi am using nokia xplus rm 1053 mmobile, this mobile ikei numbers is currupted , so signal is not comming , how to soove this problem pls tell me ,contact my email plsssss

  5. when i open data package manager application says currently application is not able to work in online mode that mean i cant connect to server, so how i can do it ? any idea ? my nokia x2 dual sim stuck on nokia logo thanks before :)

  6. sir problem is that nokia pacakge data manager is not working in my pc so there is other site to download rm980 files if available plz tell me or email

  7. Good information.thank you.
    today for this flash work of nokiax paid 350 rupees…in mobile care…

  8. i have a nokia x2 and it shows me “something went wrong please contact service provider or nokia care” and my both sim card goes to offline mode can i use it for regetting my network ?

  9. Thanks for the detailed How-To and all the data and files.
    Worked brilliant on my dead Nokia Asha 305 – no other software was able to fix anything.


  10. my nokia x rm980 turns on and just after 2_3 seconds turns off will above process work on it

  11. i followed your method to unbrick my hard bricked nokia x2 but i am getting error , i am not getting any vibration when pressed volume down+power button
    here is the error log
    Failed using Sahara protocol
    Nokia.Delta.Gemini.EmergencyDownload.EmergencyDownloadException: Failed using Sahara protocol —> Nokia.Delta.Gemini.EmergencyDownload.SaharaException: Received packet was not of hello packet type
    at Nokia.Delta.Gemini.EmergencyDownload.Sahara.Handshake(Mode mode)
    at Nokia.Delta.Gemini.EmergencyDownload.Sahara.Download(String filePath)
    at Nokia.Delta.Gemini.EmergencyDownload.EmergencyDownload.SetToFirehoseMode()
    — End of inner exception stack trace —
    at Nokia.Delta.Gemini.EmergencyDownload.EmergencyDownload.SetToFirehoseMode()
    at Nokia.CareSuite.PlugIns.DeltaRecovery.RecoveryDialog.RecoveryDialogModel.Flash()
    at Nokia.CareSuite.PlugIns.DeltaRecovery.RecoveryDialog.RecoveryDialogModel.b__15(Object state)

    please help me

    1. put out your battery for 10s, and the move your folder RM-XXXX to “C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products”, it’s about retrist mode of windows.

      1. Thank you very very very much. i take 2 hours just to find the solution about that SAHARA PROTOCOL. You’re the best.

  12. Hi…my nokia x2 ds shows contact nokia care after i flashed it through nokia care and sim goes offline.i almost flashed it 2 time tthroughnokia care suite….but me

    1. aoa
      hi dear bro did you fixed this problem wih nokia x2ds i have he same but i tried too mucvh to fix but nothing happen what should i do plz hlp me……….

  13. Hi! I follow the tutorial… my device nokia x rm-980, code 059T9F2 isn`t vibrating… is realy dead. I accidentally formatted memory with all the software, and now it’s dead. No longer reacts in any way, nor to the loader nor from the usb cable. Please help me!

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