Software Update for Nokia XL Dual SIM (RM-1030): Version

Notice: You need rename the files when you download them successfully, delete the letters before the first “_”(For example: rename the file “55FAC847_RM1030_1.2.1.2_oemsblhd.mbn” to “RM1030_1.2.1.2_oemsblhd.mbn”)

059V6Q6: RM-1030 NDT IMEA IN

82 comments on “Software Update for Nokia XL Dual SIM (RM-1030): Version”

  1. I’m using Nokia -XL,Dual SIM 3G,version,product code 059V6Q6,RM-1030,how to update my mobile phone version,pleasewould you send me.

  2. I want my Nokia xl update…such a stupid mobile company are Nokia..they not given latest updates version of mobile…Nokia xl ranking 1/10..

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