Nokia Care Suite 4.0 2011.50.2.62995

New version of Nokia Care Suite PST and Multi SW Updater 4.0 is available. This multi-protocol service software supports Nokia CDMA products and limited functions of GSM and WCDMA products.
Additional Tools, such as the Testing and Tuning Tool can be installed on same PC with this basic Care Suite package to get more advanced service software features.
Note: Nokia Windows Phones / Lumia series devices and the latest S40 series devices are not supported in this version of Care Suite. Please see article SR2441 for Care Suite 5.0 (2011.48.3) for more details.
Care Suite versions 4.0 and 5.0 can be installed on the same PC, but not used simultaneously. You need to shut down 4.0 before starting 5.0 and vice versa

New features from previous version 2011.38.1
Support for new products added: : RM-754, RM-755, RM-766, RM-767, RM-768, RM-804, RM-806
Like Care Suite 5.0 earlier, Care Suite 4.0 is now an offline tool. Possibility to download product specific files and update for Care Suite applications online has been disabled. Please use the Nokia Data Package Manager Tool for downlading product specific data files from the Nokia Firmware Repository. Please see article SR1774 for more details on the Nokia Data Package Manager Tool.

Changes & Error corrections from previous version
Corrections to Genius cases # 182899 and #183228.
Note: Manual workaround for Genius case # 183836 will be provided to the case as it can not be corrected by Care Suite modifications.

Please note:
New common data package location in use. Please see document SR1315 in KICS Information Center for further information.
All Nokia Service Software Applications will use following location for product specific data:
Windows XP: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataNokiaPackages
Windows 7: C:Program DataNokiaPackages
For more information concerning new “Firmware Update” – options and their use, Please see documents SR1313 and SR1659 in KICS Information Center.
Please see atricles SR1774 and 1786 for more information on the use of Nokia Data Package manager – tool, and article SR1854 for more information on the Nokia Service Application Manager Tool.

Known errors & limitations
Phone Recovery for RM-814 does not work correctly. Updated package or separate TPL files will be updated when solution is available.FLS-5 Drivers included in the installation package do not support 64-bit WIndows operating systems. Therefore Care SUite PST can not be used for servicing phones which use FLS-5 (USB_FBUS) connection.
RM-567 is supported but drivers have to be installed separately and multi tools are not working reliably with RM-567. Compal drivers and one of the Foxconn driver package are also removed from the installation because they are not Windows 7 compatible.
Supported features depend on product generation and data package configuration. Only refurbishment / software update functions are guaranteed to work for older DCT-4 products. Other features may appear, but they are likely not to work. Some products, such as the RH-111 and RH-125 Care Suite is the only service software. Please check product specific documentation for details.
Products using Data Package 1.0 concept are not supported
When using multi software update you may experience instability. Update speed is reasonable if you do not exceed 4 phones. It is recommended to use phones of the same type. Product detection works better if you allow Care Suite to detect the first phone before you connect additional phones
Type label printing supports only products that have Data package version 2 and XML configuration for type label.
PST and NSL processes are not always closed. When you close Nokia Care Suite / PST, you may need to close down some processes manually before you are able to restart. This can be done by selecting “Recover” and “Terminate All” in the “Application Startup Failed” – UI
When using Multi IMEI Reader, you must have at least 1 default printer configured (may be PDF / print to file)
SW update/Refurbish/SW Reset/Manual recovery with RM-607 most probably fails first time. The second or third try should work so be patient and try a couple of times
Please do not use diacritical signs when selecting installation path for NCS, especially on Windows XP
Touch display calibration tests in the HW Wizard only work with resistive touch displays (like RM-356 / N 5800), not capacitive displays (like RM-596 / N8)
Multitools do not work with RM-696
Product Code hange has been disabled from product which require FPS-10/21 Flash Prommer for Refurbishment and optional file programming. The Products are: RM-122, RM-175, RM-176, RM-186, RM-247, RM-296, RM-297, RM-320, RM-462, RM-472, RM-484, RM-505, RM-555, RM-559.
Manual Recovery instructions for RM-754 and RM-75 are wrong. The correct procedure is to press power button and key lock for 10 seconds (not only power button as the dialog says)
Sales name for RM-696 is not correct
Harware Wizard has been disabled from some products due to incompatibitity of product features and tests

Products supported

This is a list of supported products without Online Internet connection to FiRe.

NOTE: Multitools are not working reliably and it is recommended to use only similar models simultaneously. These phones do not support Multitools: RM-389V, RM-455, Nokia 6260s (RM-368), Nokia 6750-1b (RM-381), RM-606, RM-589V, Nokia 6700c (RM-470)

NOTE: Drivers for Service Module 00004 and Service Module 00006 are not included in NCS package and should be installed separately. Service Module 00004 drivers do not support Windows 7.

Service Module 00001:

Nokia E90 (RA-6), Nokia 6630 (RM-1), Nokia E70 (RM-10), Nokia N92 (RM-100), Nokia 6136 (RM-106), Nokia N71 (RM-112), Nokia 6131 (RM-115), Nokia 6110 Navigator (RM-122), Nokia 6234 (RM-123), Nokia 6126 (RM-126), Nokia 6133b (RM-126), Nokia N75 (RM-128), Nokia N73 (RM-132), Nokia N73 (RM-133), Nokia N76 (RM-135), Nokia 7390 (RM-140), Nokia 6233 (RM-145), Nokia 5300 (RM-146), Nokia 5300 (RM-147), Nokia N76 (RM-149), Nokia N93 (RM-153), Nokia N93i (RM-156), Nokia N93i (RM-157), Nokia N91 (RM-158), Nokia N95 (RM-159), Nokia N95 (RM-160), Nokia 8600 Luna (RM-164), Nokia E50 (RM-170), Nokia E50 (RM-171), Nokia 5200 (RM-174), Nokia 6290 (RM-176), Nokia 6125 (RM-178), Nokia N81 (RM-179), Nokia N72 (RM-180), Nokia 5200 (RM-181), Nokia 6110 Navigator (RM-186), Nokia 6086 (RM-188), Nokia N77 (RM-194), Nokia N77 (RM-195), Nokia 6085 (RM-198), Nokia 6134 (RM-199), Nokia 6151 (RM-200), Nokia 6263 (RM-207), Nokia E65 (RM-208), Nokia 7373 (RM-209), Nokia 6267 (RM-210), Nokia 6300 (RM-217), Nokia 6300 (RM-222), Nokia N81 (RM-223), Nokia E61i (RM-227), Nokia 5700 (RM-230), Nokia 8800 (RM-233), Nokia N78 (RM-235), Nokia N78 (RM-236), Nokia 3110 Classic (RM-237), Nokia E70-2 (RM-24), Nokia 6500 slide (RM-240), Nokia 5610 XpressMusic? (RM-242), Nokia 6120c (RM-243), Nokia E51 (RM-244), Nokia N95 (RM-245), Nokia N96 (RM-247), Nokia 7500 Prism (RM-249), Nokia N81 (RM-256), Nokia 3555 (RM-257), Nokia 6086 (RM-260), Nokia 7900 Prism (RM-264), Nokia 6500c (RM-265), Nokia 6288 (RM-268), Nokia 6555 (RM-271), Nokia 3500c (RM-272), Nokia 3500 Classic (RM-273), Nokia 3109c (RM-274), Nokia 6555c (RM-276), Nokia 3555 (RM-277), Nokia 6500s (RM-278), Nokia 5610 (RM-279), Nokia N96 (RM-297), Nokia 5700 (RM-302), Nokia 5310 (RM-303), Nokia 5310 (RM-304), Nokia 6121 (RM-308), Nokia 6120c (RM-310), Nokia N82 (RM-313), Nokia N82 (RM-314), Nokia N95(RM-320), Nokia N95 (RM-321), Nokia 6301 (RM-322), Nokia 6301 (RM-323), Nokia 6600 (RM-325), Nokia 6220 (RM-328), Nokia N85 (RM-333), Nokia 6300i (RM-337), Nokia N78 (RM-342), Nokia E66 (RM-343), Nokia E66 (RM-345), Nokia E71 (RM-346), Nokia N79 (RM-348), Nokia N79 (RM-349), Nokia N79 (RM-350), Nokia 3600 (RM-352), Nokia 7610 (RM-354), Nokia E71 (RM-357), Nokia 5610 (RM-358), Nokia 5610 (RM-359), Nokia 6680 (RM-36), Nokia 3120 (RM-364), Nokia 3120 (RM-366), Nokia 6210 (RM-367), Nokia 7310 (RM-379), Nokia 3250 (RM-38), Nokia 6210 (RM-386), Nokia 6220 (RM-387), Nokia 6212 (RM-396), Nokia 6500c (RM-397), Nokia 6650d-1c (RM-400), Nokia E71 (RM-407), Nokia 6210 (RM-408), Nokia 5320 (RM-409), Nokia 5220 (RM-410), Nokia 5220 (RM-411), Nokia 6600 (RM-414), Nokia 5320 (RM-416), Nokia 5320 (RM-417), Nokia 6210 (RM-419), Nokia N90 (RM-42), Nokia E66 (RM-420), Nokia N95 (RM-421), Nokia 6124 (RM-422), Nokia 6122 (RM-425), Nokia E51-2 (RM-426), Nokia 3610 (RM-429), Nokia N91 (RM-43), Nokia 7210 (RM-436), Nokia 8800a (RM-451), Nokia N96 (RM-472), Nokia E60 (RM-49), Nokia N93 (RM-55), Nokia 6270 (RM-56), Nokia 6681 (RM-57), Nokia 6682 (RM-58), Nokia N71 (RM-67), Nokia 7370 (RM-70), Nokia 6288 (RM-78), Nokia 6280 (RM-78), Nokia RM-79 (RM-79), Nokia N70 (RM-84), Nokia 5500 (RM-86), Nokia E62 (RM-88), Nokia E61 (RM-89), Nokia N80 (RM-92), Nokia N70 (RM-99), Nokia 2610 (RH-86, RH-87), RM-246, Nokia 5800 (RM-356 RM-432), Nokia 5130C (RM-495), Nokia E-52 (RM-481), Nokia E-55 (RM-482, RM-497), RM-647, Nokia N97 mini (RM-553, RM-555), Nokia N97 (RM-505), Nokia 7510 (RM-399), Nokia 1680 (RM-490), Nokia 5730 (RM-465), Nokia 5130 (RM-496), Nokia 2720 (RM-520), Nokia 3711 (RM-511), Nokia 2330 (RM-513), Nokia 2600 (RM-341), Nokia 2660 (RM-293), Nokia 2680 (RM-393), Nokia 6350 (RM-455), Nokia 6750 (RM-381), Nokia 2720 (RM-520), Nokia 2320 (RM-515), Nokia E72 (RM-529, RM-530, RM-584), Nokia E52 (RM-469), Nokia 2730 (RM-578, RM-579), Nokia 2760 (RM-258, RM-259), Nokia N900 (RX-51), Nokia 6303 (RM-443), Nokia 3710 (RM-510), Nokia 3720 (RM-518), Nokia X3 (RM-540), Nokia 2690 (RM-635), Nokia 7230 (RM-598, RM-604), Nokia 6303i (RM-638), Nokia C5 (RM-645), Nokia 2710c (RM-586), Nokia 1661 (RH-122), Nokia 3555 (RM-270), RM-289, Nokia 6650 (RM-324), Nokia N85 (RM-334), Nokia N85 (RM-335), Nokia 6260 (RM-368), Nokia 7310 (RM-378), Nokia 1680 (RM-394, RM-395), Nokia 7510 (RM-398), Nokia E75 (RM-412, RM-413), Nokia 6720 (RM-424), Nokia 5800 (RM-427, RM-428), Nokia 5630 (RM-431), Nokia E63 (RM-437, RM-449, RM-450), Nokia 6208 (RM-458), Nokia 6700 (RM-470), Nokia N86 (RM-484, RM-485, RM-486), Nokia 6710 (RM-491), Nokia 6790 (RM-492), Nokia 5530 (RM-504), Nokia N97 (RM-506, RM-507), Nokia 3710 (RM-509), Nokia 2330 (RM-512), Nokia 2320 (RM-514), Nokia 2323 (RM-543), Nokia 6730 (RM-547), RM-551, Nokia X6 (RM-559), Nokia 2700 (RM-561), Nokia 6720 (RM-564), RM-568, Nokia 6600i (RM-570), Nokia 3208c (RM-572), Nokia 6760 (RM-573), Nokia 6700 (RM-576), Nokia 5230 (RM-588, RM-593, RM-594), Nokia N8 (RM-596), Nokia 6790 (RM-599), Nokia E63, (RM-600), Nokia 5800i (RM-602), Nokia 5330 (RM-615), Nokia 5233 (RM-625), Nokia E7-00 (RM-626), Nokia 5230 (RM-629), Nokia 5250 (RM-684), Nokia 6700 slide (RM-577), Nokia X2-00 (RM-618), Nokia C3-00 (RM-614), Nokia E73 (RM-658), Nokia X5-01 (RM-627, RM-648) Nokia X3-02 (RM-639), Nokia C3-01 (RM-640), Nokia E5-00 (RM-632), Nokia C6-00 (RM-612), Nokia C6-00.1 (RM-624) Nokia C1-01 (RM-607), Nokia C1-02 (RM-643), Nokia C1-01.1 (RM-608), Nokia C7-00 (RM-675), Nokia C5 (RM-688), RM-691, Nokia C6-01 (RM-601), Nokia E5-00 (RM-634), Nokia C3-01 (RM-662), Nokia 6702s (RM-682), Nokia C2-00 (RM-704), Nokia C6-01 (RM-718), Nokia C5-03 (RM-697), RM-719, RM-720, Nokia C1-02.1 (RM-644), RM-582V, Nokia C2-01 (RM-721, RM-722), Nokia X2-01 (RM-709), Nokia E5-00 (RM-699), RM-609, RM-707, RM-749,
RM-775, RM-776, RM-750, RM-751, RM-698, RM-744, RM-745, RM-670, RM-774, RM-772, RM-701, RM-692, RM-693, RM-702, RM-694, RM-724, RM-725, RM-679, RM-696, RM-730, RM-773, RM-681V, RM-781, RM-779, RM-814, RM-815, RM-816

NOTE: When performing refurbish to “Nokia 6110 Navigator (RM-186, RM-122)” user data might not be removed completely. The problem is in phone data package.

NOTE: Following products might require SIM card inserted while refurbishing: Nokia 6630 (RM-1), Nokia N72 (RM-180), Nokia E70 (RM-10), Nokia N70, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia N91, Nokia 6682 (RM-58), Nokia N70 (RM-84), Nokia E60 (RM-49), Nokia N73 (RM-132), Nokia N73 (RM-133), Nokia N93 (RM-153), Nokia N72 (RM-180), Nokia N93 (RM-55), Nokia N80 (RM-91), Nokia N80 (RM-92), Nokia N80 (RM-93), Nokia N70 (RM-99), Nokia N90 (RM-42), Nokia E70 (RM-10), Nokia E50 (RM-170), Nokia E50 (RM-171), Nokia E70-2 (RM-24), Nokia E61 (RM-89), Nokia N71 (RM-112), Nokia N71 (RM-67), Nokia N92 (RM-100), Nokia N92 (RM-101), Nokia N92 (RM-102), Nokia N92 (RM-103), Nokia 3250 (RM-38), Nokia N75 (RM-128), Nokia 5500 (RM-86), Nokia N93i (RM-156), Nokia N93i (RM-157), Nokia E65 (RM-208), Nokia E61i (RM-227)

Service Module 00003

Nokia 2605 (RM-339), Nokia 6205 (RM-347), Nokia 7205 (RM-383), Nokia 2608 (RM-376), Nokia 8208 (RM-384), Nokia 8208i (RM-384), Nokia 2705 (RM-464), Nokia 7705 (RM-526), Nokia 7208 (RM-383), Nokia 6206 (RM-347)

Service Module 00004

Nokia 1006 (RH-120), Nokia 1606 (RH-109), Nokia 2228 (RM-377), Nokia 3606 (RM-375), Nokia 6316s (RM-595), Nokia 6316 slide (RM-595) Service Module 00005Nokia 1508 (RM-388), Nokia 1508i (RM-430), Nokia 1506 (RH-128)

Service Module 00006

Nokia 6788 (RM-567), Nokia 6788i (RM-636), Nokia C5-01(RM-677), Nokia X5-00 (RM-678)

Service Module 00008

Nokia 1202 (RH-111), Nokia 1661 (RH-121), RH-125, RH-126, RH-129, RM-647, RM-653, RM-689, Nokia X2-01.1 (RM-717), Nokia 1800 (RM-669), Nokia X1-00 (RM-732, RM-733), RM-713, RH-130, RH-131, RM-769

Service Module 000010

RM-699, RM-709, RM-721, RM-722, RH-129 Nokia 3806 (RM-583)

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