Nokia Lumia 800 (RM-801) PR1.1 Zune update “battery drained devices can’t turn on” issue

Affected Products or Services

RM-801, Lumia 800


PR1.1 has been available for end users to update via Zune since mid January.

We have discovered that after the Zune update to PR1.1 (software version 1600.2483.8106.11500, see SR2546 for more info) when the battery is drained there is a possibility that a device can’t turn on even though it has been charged. This bulletin provides potential solutions to address this.

Bulletin Content

Devices potentially affected: All units updated via Zune to PR1.1 (see SR2546 for more details). PR1.1 factory units are not known at this time to be affected.

Scope of Issue: After the PR1.1 Zune update when the battery is emptied and the device shuts off, even after a prolonged period of charging with a compatible charger (eg. AC-16, AC-10) the device will remain off and the end user is unable to turn on their device.

Please try the following methods to Turn On the device (note these are all potential solutions):

1) Connect/Disconnect the device to the charger a few times

2) Do a Reset (press and hold the power button for ~10 seconds)

3) Plug the device to a PC using a USB cable and keep it there for 20 minutes

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