Updating Devices to use Symbian Belle with Nokia Service Software


The purpose of this document is to describe what is required when phones with older Symbian versions are updated to use Symbian Belle by using Nokia Service SW Applications

Bulletin Content

Version 1: 8.2.2012 Initial version

2. Scope of application
This document is valid for all service levels. Please note: Special mass re-flash, bulk rework and other pre-sales activities for new products have to be handled and reported according agreements with the responsible local Nokia customer care office

3. Introduction
Nokia released new Symbian Belle for selected phone models on 7.2.2012. The purpose of this document is to describe what is required when phones with older Symbian versions are updated to use Symbian Belle in Nokia services.

4. Availability and distribution of Symbian Belle files to service channel
Symbian Belle releases are only available via FiRe (Nokia Firmware Repository), they will not be released as executable data packages via KICS information Center.

Following tools can be used to download Symbian Belle software from the Nokia Firmware Repository:
– Data Package Manager (L3), please see article SR1774 in KICS Information Center
– Care Suite Product Support Tool in Online mode, please see article SR361 in KICS Information Center
– “Data Package Download” – menu in Phoenix Service Software with PC connected to internet

The launch of Symbian Belle and availability of software files from FiRe does not happen simultaneously for all variants. If Symbian Belle software files for the variant you try to work on do not exist in FiRe, please check with your local Nokia support.

5. User Data Backup for phones which are updated to Symbian Belle
If customer requests his / her phone to be updated to Symbian Belle in a Nokia Service, he / she must be advised that user data will be erased during Refurbishment procedure and he / she should have a backup of all user data. This is because when Nokia Service Software is used, “refurbishment” is the only allowed firmware update method to ensure that phone works properly after update.

6. Use of Refurbishment is a must when updating Phones to Symbian Belle
Please note that REFURBISHMENT option is the only allowed method to update older Symbian Software versions to Symbian Belle.

DO NOT USE “SOFTWARE UPDATE” or “SOFTWARE RESET” – options because these options will not update the Mass Memory and required Symbian Belle applications. If these firmware options are used, phone will not work properly.

Because Refurbishment requires the optional Mass Memory content files to be available during update, you need to accept the downloading of optional content files from FiRe – If phone which is to be updated already has Symbian Belle (not any older Symbian Version), other Firmware Update options can be used normally.

7. Product Code Changes with Tucson System to Symbian Belle

Product Code / Variant changes from older Symbian versions to Symbian Belle can be done normally by using the Tucson system, as well as product code changes between variants using Symbian Belle.

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