Bluetooth profiles supported by Windows Phone

Bluetooth is an open wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances. Windows Phone supports Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. With this enhanced version of Bluetooth, Windows Phone has a simplified pairing procedure which reduces user input and automates pairing with Bluetooth devices.

Windows Phone supports the following Bluetooth user profiles:

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP 1.3)
Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP 1.0)
Hands Free Profile (HFP 1.5)
Headset Profile (HSP 1.1)
Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP 1.0)


Certain Bluetooth devices may not fully conform to industry-standard Bluetooth protocols, so changes in the Windows Phone software may affect these devices. This is expected behavior and does not mean there’s an issue with your phone.Contact your Bluetooth device manufacturer for more information about your Bluetooth device.

For information on pairing Bluetooth devices in Windows Phone, see the following article on the Windows Phone Help and how-to website:

Pair my phone with a Bluetooth accessory

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