How do I update the device software for Nokia S40/Symbian phones?


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It’s easy – just use your phone’s software update application or Nokia Suite to download the update. The whole process should take less than ten minutes, depending on the speed of your connection. You can use:

• a Wi-Fi network that your phone is connected to

• your phone’s cellular data connection

• your PC’s internet connection, using Nokia Suite

If you use your phone’s cellular data connection to update the software, you may have to pay data charges. It’s usually faster and cheaper to use a Wi-Fi network or your PC’s internet connection. The update packages from Nokia are free of charge.

Update via your phone:

For most devices, select Menu Settings > Phone > Phone updates or  Menu Applications > (Tools >) SW Update. If you don’t find the software update application from these menu locations, check the correct one from the user guide.

Update via PC:

  1. Install Nokia Suite to your PC from your local Nokia website.
  2. Connect your phone to the PC via an USB cable.
  3. Start Nokia Suite, and select Tools > Software updates.
  4. Select the updates you want to download, and select Install.

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