Why should I update my Nokia phone software?

Just like a computer, your Nokia phone uses software to run. By making sure you always have the latest version of this software, you get:

  • performance improvements to things like battery life and applications
  • new and improved functions
  • the latest versions of Nokia applications and services
  • bug fixes

Therefore it’s recommended to regularly let your device check for updates by activating the so called “software update auto check” as below:
  1. Start the software update application on your phone. For most devices, you will find this application under Menu Settings > Phone > Phone updates or  Menu >Applications > (Tools >) SW Update. If you don’t find the software update application from these menu locations, check the correct location from the user guide.
  2. Select Options > Settings > Auto-Check for updates. With  that in place, your phone will automatically check in specified intervals if there’s a new software availableand prompt you to start the update.

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