How can I export/download my Ovi Contacts data to a new service?

You can export/download your data for use with 3rd party contacts services (e.g. Windows Live Hotmail or Yahoo!) by using the instructions below, including additional questions related to exporting your Contact data.


        Visit from your personal computer.

        Log in to your Ovi account.

        Look for the (>>Download now) green button below the message text.

                 Click it

                 Save the file to your local drive (take a note of the folder you put it in).

        The file is a zip format Unzip to one or multiple .csv files.

        Next choose an alternate contact service, find and follow their import procedure.

        During import you will be asked to select a file for import, browse to your Ovi Contact data file and select it.

This file type is standard in the industry and is supported by most major Contact and productivity services.


A file containing my contacts does not download to my PC. How can I resolve this problem?

First, you should retry the process. If that process fails again, please note the error you receive and if possible take a screenshot of the error. Then, contact Nokia Support using the following link:    After you sign in using your Nokia account and fill out a support form, click the Send button.


What will be in the file you send me?

We will create a file called Ovi_Contacts_Data.csv. The file contains contacts data in an industry standard file format and is widely supported by popular Contact and productivity services.

Why do I have two files?

There will be instances where multiple .csv files will be required due to limitations that other services have implemented when importing.  We will limit each .csv file to 500 contacts to make sure that imports in to these services do not have an issue. Additional files will be appended with a digit representing the number of that file in the overall files in the export (e.g. Unfiled_Contacts_1.csv, Unfiled_Contacts_2.csv, etc.).


What do I do with the files contained in Ovi_Contacts_Data.csv?

The .csv file containing your contacts data can be imported into services (e.g. Windows Live Hotmail or Yahoo! Contacts) that support the .csv file type, Please refer to your specific contacts service/program for details on the import process.


Why don’t all my Contacts show up in Yahoo! Contacts.

Yahoo! contacts requires all contact fields to be complete before they will import a contact. If you have some fields missing from a particular contact then Yahoo will skip over that entry. Yahoo! may change this behavior in the future, but other Contacts services don’t have similar limitations


Who should I contact if I still have additional questions?

Please contact Nokia Support using the following link:  After you sign in using your Nokia account and fill out a support form, click the Send button.

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