How do I reinstall the software on my mobile device?

If you have a problem with your phone and want to reinstall the device software you can do so using the Software Update feature from Nokia Suite:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Nokia Suite installed and running on your PC
  2. Connect the device to your PC using the USB data cable
  3. Open Nokia Suite and select from the menu Tools > Software update
  4. On the Software Updates page, under your device click the reinstall link to start the wizard that will guide you through the reinstallation of your device software

Before installing a software update or reinstalling your current device software we recommend performing a backup of your data:

  1. Connect your device to Nokia Suite
  2. From the menu select Tools > Backup
  3. Follow the wizard to create the backup.

To restore the data from a backup go into Nokia Suite, select Tools > Restore and follow the wizard to restore your data.

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