Phoenix Service Software 2012.50.001.49220(2014.01.13)

Version 2: 13.01.2014: New Product API installation package and new cmntucsonui.dll added to fix BB5 Certificate Restore error
Please use these additional components only if you experience problems with BB5 Certificare Restore (RM-799, RM-863). Error message “.. Failed to write Tucson data, Security: writing Simlock data, product returned signature error..:”
Development of Phoenix service software has been discontinued, complete installation packages will not be released anymore. Therefore these components must be used to update Phoenix.

Install latest Phoenix service software (version in this article)
Run TSS_Product_API.exe
Select “Install Product API” – option
After TSS_Product_API has been installed, copy “cmntucsonui.dll” to following directory on your PC. please replace the existing version of dll with new one.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix – directory on 64 bit machine
C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix -directory on 32 bit machine

Main component versions in the release:
Product API 2012.46.2.49145
Nokia Connectivity Cable USB Driver Version
Flash Update Package 12.49.0
FUSE Connection Manager v 2012.51.1

Error Corrections & changes:
New products: RM-647
New products are not implemented to Phoenix anymore. Phoenix development is closed.

Phoenix installation requires a network connection if DOT.NET framework 4.0 is not installed on PC
(.NET framework is downloaded from web during phoenix installation).

New common data package location in use. Please see document SR1315 in KICS Information Center for further information.
All Nokia Service Software Applications will use following location for product specific data:
– Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Nokia\Packages
– Windows 7: C:\Program Data\Nokia\Packages

Please see articles SR1774 for more information on the use of Nokia Data Package manager – tool, and article SR1854 for more information on the Nokia Service Application Manager Tool.
During installation, Data Packages should be installed in these directories, if they install to any other location by default. Target folder for local data packages can be changed in the installation wizard manually.
This version contains the latest Tucson components. Therefore do not use Tucson Add-On Installation Packages.
Before you start Phoenix or Care Suite installation to Windows 7 the User Account Control (UAC) should be turned off from Windows Control Panel settings.
For more information concerning new options in “Firmware Update” – menu and their use, Please see documents SR1313 and SR1659 in KICS Information Center.
Tucson operations combined with “flash” – option are now handled in the same way as “refurbishment”, which requires Mass Memory Content File to be available.
Use of Flash option simultaneously with product code change for USB Only phones is restricted. It is recommended to flash phone separately with Firmware Update. Please refer to product specific instructions.
Connection media to FLS-5 must be configured to be “USB_FBUS”, after FLS-4 support has been removed FBUS does not work anymore with FLS-5

FLS-5 drivers do not support 64 bit OS, so phones using FLS-5 /USB_FBUS connection can not be serviced in 64 bit operating systems
N9- RM-696 Product Code change still unreliable
Product code change is not working with RM-838, RM-852, RM-843. Please use Product identity tool (SR2872)
Energy Management Calibration should not be performed for products using the “Quantum” engine (RM-689, RM-702, RM-704 and other product using the same engine)
Software downgrade with Tucson system is only possible for BB 5.0 products supporting the Data Package 2 concept.
Flashing with setup FLS-5, SS-46 and product specific adapter is not supported anymore. FLS-5 can be used with other product specific cables and adapters, but not with SS-46 Interface Adapter.
If you install old DCT-4 data packages, Flash Update Package File installation path may be wrong. This is caused by very old DCT-4 data packages which contain Flash Update Package and overwrite current information during installation. If you experience problems when updating FPS-x prommers, please check that Phoenix “Prommer maintenance” is looking for the files from the correct location which is “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\Tss\Flash”. If not, Phoenix will show error “Update via ini – file failed”. In this case, select “Update” from that Phoenix “Prommer maintenance” – UI, browse to correct directory and select “fpsxupd.ini” for all other prommers except the FPS-8.
FPS-21 flashing for RX-51 works only with TCPIP connection. FPS-21 prommer with new HW version 11 has been released to correct this. Sales pack code is 0089J83 , old HW version is not delivered anymore
Please refer to product specific documents and instructions concerning the limitations of the RX-51 product
When version 2010_12_8_42304 or newer with FUSE connection manager is installed on top of older Phoenix versions, there may be an additional delay of several minutes when you start Phoenix for the first time. Please wait patiently; Phoenix will start after configuration is finished.
After you close Phoenix, it may not restart. To rectify this:
– Use Windows Task Manager to manually shut down phoenix.exe and FuseService.exe processes, or optionally restart your PC
It is not possible to program Mass Media Content file to some devices over direct USB cable connection, due to the large size of the file. For these models a feature called “Media Check” has been implemented. When this type of product is connected to service software / PC via direct USB cable the refurbishment option will be disabled. Please use a flash prommer. Affected products using Media Check are: RM-122, RM-175, RM-176, RM-186, RM-246, RM-247, RM-296, RM-297, RM-320, RM-462, RM-472, RM-484, RM-505, RM-555, RM-559
To be able to use the help files in Windows 7 you need to install Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows 7. Ways to locate WinHlp32.exe:
– Start Phoenix with online connection to Internet, select “Help” and “Phoenix help”. Click the “Microsoft Help and Support” website link. Download WinHlp32 and install it.- Go to Type “WinHlp32” to “Search” – field. Locate Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows 7 and install it
When using flash prommers, only one connection type to one prommer is allowed. Please use either NFPD USB or NFPD TCPIP connection to one prommer, not both connections to same prommer

Supported operating systems
Windows 7 32 Bit version
Windows 7 64 Bit version (Please note that FLS-5 drivers do not support Win 7 64 bit OS, therefore FLS-5 can not be used in this operating system)

Phoenix installation requires a network connection if DOT.NET framework 4.0 is not installed on PC[Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer)], if you have installed it, you can ignore this.
(.NET framework is downloaded from web during phoenix installation).

Original: Download Now

Cracked: Download Now

TSS_Product_API: Download Now

cmntucsonui.dll: Download Now

For India: Original / CrackedTSS_Product_APIcmntucsonui.dll

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  1. I met a complex problem(at least it’s complex for me)

    I bought second-hand Asha210(RM-924), and find it is an Indian version with a China version shell and Chinese system. However I didn’t know this before I restore factory setting with Nokia Software Recovery Tool.

    After restoring operation, I was shock by the English interface.So I tried to flash a Chinese Mainland version in it, I failed server times by using Phoenix.

    I downloaded Phoenix 2010 Creacked but it said ” Cannot load, the product RM-924 is not recognised.”
    Google this message, some websites say one way could solve this: write a sentence in to phoenix.ini
    restarted Phoenix, scaned phone, failed with a notice window(blank window, no any messages).

    As I see, maybe the Phoenix version is too old to recognize this phone.
    Download the latest version:Phoenix_Service_Software_2012.50.001.49220_Cracked
    when I installed it, some errors emerged “C:\Program Files(x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Phoenix_Service_Software.msi An error occurred while trying to copy a file: The source file is corrupted.”
    By the way, my computer :Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1 and running the installation as administrtor.

    That all if any masters need more details, I will tell you all I konw.

  2. i have already downloaded Nokia Care Suite but same problem .rm-949 is not avaibile . I ‘m using window 10 pro

  3. Kiitos neuvosta Hanna. Miksiköhän en ollut tuota itse tajunnut? Täytyy kokeilla heti ensi viikolla. Sellainen kysymys vielä, että tarvitseeko pihvi uuniin jotain nestettä senrIkseen?ahauaa sunnuntaita sinulle.

  4. Hi sir. I tried to update firmware for my Nokia n91 8gb RM-43. I have already downloaded the firmware. Extract it in product folder named RM-43. However when i push update on top of the screen. The system cannot find all 3 file that i have extract
    Can anybody help me where did i go wrong

  5. My nokia asha is switching off frequently and so i tried flashing it. when i tried to flash it using phoenix 2012 version i get the error as “Failed to set the phone to flash mode” after the status “Waiting for USB device”. But my phone gets detected by my system and essential drivers are too installed but still stuck at the same status. Can someone help pls?

  6. Pls give me the link to download phoenix that’s compatible for flashing Nokia asha 201 RM-799. Thanks.

  7. i cant find my product code for RM-495 it goes like this. ”Neither DP1.0 nor DP2.0 was found for the Product or the Product cannot be identified” please help. asap! :/
    bro please message me un whatsapp 9534082088
    i am android porter & themer so i don’t know anything about java please help me

  8. Framework: the digital signature verification failed because the signature file could not be found.) this nokia xpress 5130 model pls solve that

  9. hi

    when i instal it and then run it when is in startup image this error show
    Error loading component:

    HRESULT 0x80040154 (-2147221164)
    This means:
    Class not registered

    Unable to get error message
    CConnectionManager::InitializeFuseServices: Fuse instances creation failed.;Connection Manager=0x8400f001
    FinalConstruct: Couldn’t Initialize Fuse Services.;Connection Manager=0x8400f001
    CreateComponentInstance() – CoCreateInstance function failed for component “NMP.Cmn.fusefn.ConnectionManager”;Phoenix Component Manager=0x80040154
    parsing action string 300;Phoenix Menu Extension Manager=0x80040154

    🙁 what i do

  10. cara download phoenix gimana …. seidea…
    apa ke 4 itu harus di download semua? ..

    asli .
    retak ..
    tss product api …
    cm ntucsonnui.dll ….

  11. the download ink is not work when i click on download link then i redirect to facebook login page. pls help me…

  12. the download ink is not work when i click on download link then i redirect to facebook login page.

  13. Hi

    I am am getting the following error message after installing phoenix “DESlock for Windows, There was an error communicating with the device”. Could there be something I’m doing wrong? i followed the instruction above exactly.

      1. I installed the “Phoenix_Service_Software_2012.50.001.49220_Cracked.exe” please assist. Question though if i install the cracked version do i have to go through the process of

        Run TSS_Product_API.exe
        Select “Install Product API” – option
        After TSS_Product_API has been installed, copy “cmntucsonui.dll” to following directory on your PC. please replace the existing version of dll with new one.
        C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix – directory on 64 bit machine
        C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix -directory on 32 bit machine

      2. hello my name is danny and i would like to have your email, please replay my email, i need help about nokia devies actually i like the way you know all these softwares and i want to know like you someday please give me ur contacts via email, i’m from south africa

  14. how to install..i’m install shog error message ” the wizard was interrupted before phoenix service software could be completely installed”

  15. rm-920 is not available. whr can i find the updated phoenix.ini file updated with rm-920? or pls jus provide an alternate way to flush it. got phoenix and jaf

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