Nokia Lumia 820 (RM-825, RM-824, RM-826), Lumia 620 (RM-846), Lumia 920 (RM-820, RM-821, RM-822) flashing instruction

How to identify the issue:

When phone is set to test-mode, battery capasity (state of charge SoC) is written to 0 %. Because of this, in some cases the phone will not start up or if it starts the battery capacity is displayed wrongly.

Repair instruction:

How to Work-a-round the issue:

– Battery removal or 2-finger reset (hold down power and volume down buttons until the phone vibrates) after repair actions will return the correct SoC value

– Phone will automatically get correct value 20 min after start up

– PR2.0 sw will have correction.

NOTE: Flashing the phone will not remove the issue

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