Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0 2013.27.1.3

Uninstall the older version before install this version.
New version of the Nokia Care Suite Product Support Tool 5.0 is available.
It provides support for the Nokia Windows Phones (Lumia), the latest Asha devices and products supported by the Testing and Tuning tool. Installation package and latest version of User Guide Document are attached.
For the products that are not supported in this release, old PST and Multi SW Updater version 2011.50.2 or Phoenix release needs to be used.

New features in the Care Suite 5.0
New Fuse UI
Support for new products: RM-875, RM-876, RM-877, RM-927, RM-937, RM-938, RM-939, RM-940, RM-941, RM-942, RM-943, RM-948, RM-949, RM-950, RM-952, RM-953, RM-954, RM-955, RM-956, RM-957.
High Voltage battery authentication detection is enabled for RM-875, RM-876, RM-877.
User Guide Document updated

Changes & Error corrections from previous version
FBUS connection to Prolific USB/FBUS flash adapter can be made
Faster download of Application Update in Win 8 OS – Default firewall in Win 8 will not slow down the download anymore.
Configuration of Windows 8 Defender not needed anymore as a workaround
Mobile Crash files sending via proxy defined in PST Preferences corrected
WP8 microphones and touch display tests fixed
Tone generator for RM-809, RM-900 and RM-902 fixed

Known errors & limitations
During recovery / refurbish RM-839, RM-840, RM-841, RM-948, RM-949, RM-950, RM-954, RM-956, RM-957 devices re not always switching correctly to Flash mode which causes automatic Recovery Window to appear.
Workaround: It is recommended to follow the instructions with one exception. User must insert battery pack quickly after pressing “Retry” button. Usually This helps the flashing process to finish successfully.
Audio input test with RM-899, RM-900 and RM-902 require AHJ headset. In case of OMTP AV connector the microphone signal pin is switched with ground and the test fails silently (no error returned from the device).
Chess patterns do not work with RM-839, RM-840, RM-841, RM-948, RM-949, RM-950, RM-952, RM-953, RM-954, RM-956, RM-957. The error is on device sw side.
Please note:
Offline installation: Uninstall previous version (2013.13.4) manually before installing this version.
Only the new Common Data Package Location (SR1315) is supported by default. If you need to use other Data Package Locations, they need to be added to the preferences manually.
Do not use Care Suite 4.0 and 5.0 simultaneously. They can be installed on the same PC and launched from the Nokia Application Launcher but not run at the same time.
If it seems that all features are not available on the left hand side of the screen, please click the small arrow next to the list. More features will be shown. This may happen if your screen is not maximized.
Lumia / Windows 7 phones will reboot when they are disconnected – please wait for the phone to restart
Installation of FUSE drivers may take a long time. Therefore it is recommended that the Windows Automatic Driver Installation is disabled from the Control panel. Please go to Windows Control Panel -> System ->Advanced System Settings ->Hardware ->Device Installation Settings and select “Never install driver software from Windows Update”
PC must be connected to network, meaning that Ethernet cable must be connected to PC and connection needs to be configured to work properly. PC must be able to connect to for example internal network, but it is not necessary that PC has an online connection to Internet.

Known errors & limitations
FLS-5 Drivers included in the installation package do not support 64-bit WIndows operating systems. Therefore Care Suite PST can not be used for servicing phones which use FLS-5 (USB_FBUS) connection.
Please do not use diacritical signs when selecting installation path for NCS.
Recovery or Refurbishment Flashing for Lumia Series Devices may fail on first attempt. Please try again, it works the second time around
Asha drivers don’t install when devices are connected via USB hub (on win7). Hub works if user installs drivers first via straight USB connection.
PST release 5.0 can be installed on the same PC with all current Nokia Service Software Applications, but simultaneous use with earlier PST version 4.0 is not possible
Audio input test with RM-899, RM-900 and RM-902 require AHJ headset
On Windows 8 operating system: When downloading new release with Application Launcher, download is very slow.
The reason is that Windows 8 operating system comes with default real-time protection antivirus that is activated for executable (even without exe in name).
Our download functionality queries file size with every progress.
During this query system gets notified about file size change and antivirus decides to scan whole file from beginning.
We cannot drop the file size check completely, since we handle multi download of the same files.
Workaround needed to do by the user is to set !ecl file as not dangerous in W8 defender (see attachment win8defenfer.jpg).
• When using Multi SW Updater, the recommendation is to use it with up to five devices that are the same model and start the refurbish to every device simultaneously.
• Do not start 1st flash-round with full amount of devices – instead add gradually 2-3 devices – Fuse can be fragile when 8-16 devices at once tries to create new connection
• When using USB Hub please connect devices one by one to the ascending USB ports – it will help you to distinguish which of them had failed and needs to be recovered by Recovery plugin (check IMEI, USB Port # from UI or follow Action Report log for details)
• Do not connect\disconnect devices while other flashings are in progress – all should be finalized (successful or not) – main reason for fail is USB port enumeration done by OS when changing something
• Additional info for 16 simultaneous flashes: Based on testing with Windows Phone 8 devices please follow the following preliminary recommendations for a PC USB setup for maximum stability and timing of the USB bus:
• Use a PC that has at least four (4) independent USB 2.0 host controllers.
• Connect no more than one powered external USB hub to each host controller
• Each external hub must have its own independent power source, with the capability to supply at least 500 mA per device connected to it.
• Connect no more than four (4) devices to each external hub

Supported products:
RM-761, RM-763, RM-781, RM-799, RM-800, RM-813, RM-884, RM-803, RM-809, RM-807, RM-832, RM-834, RM-810, RM-811, RM-812,
RM-827, RM-837, RM-871, RM-808, RM-823, RM-802, RM-835, RM-836, RM-849, RM-724, RM-725, RM-819, RM-801, RM-596, RM-601,
RM-609, RM-626, RM-639, RM-640, RM-659, RM-662, RM-670, RM-675, RM-679, RM-691, RM-692, RM-693, RM-694, RM-702, RM-704,
RM-707, RM-718, RM-730, RM-749, RM-750, RM-754, RM-772, RM-774, RM-775, RM-776, RM-779, RM-766, RM-767, RM-768, RM-696,
RM-714, RM-872, RM-873, RM-862, RM-863, RM-864, RM-824, RM-825, RM-826, RM-845, RM-867, RM-846, RM-852, RM-821, RM-820,
RM-822, RM-889, RM-898, RM-907, RM-878, RM-838, RM-843, RM-844, RM-911, RM-913, RM-914, RM-915, RM-917, RM-923, RM-885,
RM-887, RM-860, RM-839, RM-840, RM-841, RM-919, RM-921, RM-924, RM-925, RM-926, RM-928, RM-929, RM-892, RM-893, RM-899,
RM-900, RM-902, RM-910, RM-875, RM-876, RM-877, RM-927, RM-937, RM-938, RM-939, RM-940, RM-941, RM-942, RM-943, RM-948, RM-949, RM-950, RM-952, RM-953, RM-954, RM-955, RM-956, RM-957.

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  1. Hi,
    My phone is nokia lumia 625 H (RM-943), my PC is Win 7.
    My PC can’t detect the driver of my phone. Does this app will solve my problem?

  2. I replaced the cfg file and when I try to run recovery on my phone (it's stuck on gears) I get an error that says Access Denied Verify credentials, any ideas?

    1. I am now downloading with Package Manager, where do I put the file after download is complete so NCS see's it?

  3. Hello Seidea,

    Could you send me a copy of the software, please?

    Or where can I download it?



  4. Hey Seida

    i trie to flash my lumia 800 it stucks on the nokia screnn when i turn it on downloaded care suit and navfirm+ for firmware flas but the caresuit doesnt recognize the data packages from the flashfils what can i do ? plz help

    best regardz bambule

  5. hi


    the start button in recovery mode dosen't be active to start flashing


    how can i do this


    my windows is 8 Pro x64


      1. No, it is working very well.

        I just want to flash another firmware to remove "T-Mobile" logo on boot


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