How to disable the authentication in Nokia Care Suite

When installed the Nokia Care Suite, then open the ProductSupportToolForStore.exe, it needs authentication(see image below).

If you don’t enter the username and password, you can’t click the “Sign in” but only the “Work offline”, We can solve this by editing one file.

Steps are as follows:

close the application, open the X¹:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Product Support Tool For Store 5.0, you can find a file named “usergroupsconfiguration.cfg”, open it with Notepad.

  <user_groups default="Firmware repository for Care">
		name="Firmware repository for Care"
    comment="Care Prot (NOL)"/>





save the file. Then open the application again, you can click the “Sign in” immediately without enter the username and password(see image below).

1. X stands for your system path.


If you want to download Nokia firmware, please download the Nokia Data Package Manager 2013.7.5 Edited.

30 Replies to “How to disable the authentication in Nokia Care Suite”

  1. Change


    its already on 0 after install, yet login option not avalible.

  2. I tried it.. but it states unabe to work online and application crash detected.. What to do? I own a lumia 925.

  3. I cannot bypass the sign in thing and i changed the authentication from 1 to 0 but still it won’t sign in.

    1. If access denied pops up just move the file to desktop edit it as shown and then copy it to the directioy

  4. Doesn’t work… after Sign in (yes i changed configuration and the fields are shadowed as your screenshot), it fails with error: “Could not authenticate with the provided credentials.”

  5. hi, changed to “0” and when saving to replace the existing one it says Access Denied. What else can I do?

  6. Well correct, but if you check firmware for product code ad try to download, it generates an error anyway.

      1. its still not working, after i bypass the password by changing “1” to “0” i could log on, but when I try to look for the software for my nokia 808pureview it gives me error, what can i do next help

        1. I downloaded it but it says am missing something.. and I do not know what it is

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