any solution u has?
if u has solution pls give sir

  • you can here

  • Great work on this forum Seidea!

    Can you tell me if I flash the 059T105 ROM on my AT&T Lumia 520 if it will unlock the SIM/Carrier?

    Also, I have the ROM files, and Nokia Care Suite 5.0.2013 but not sure of how exactly to do the flashing…

    Thanks in advance for a speedy reply.

  • Is it possible to find lower software version for lumia 820?



  • Hello,

    I don't have access to all Lumia 1020 codes, my actual product code is 059T7V7 and I would like to know the product code for Portugal. Unbranded and the color is black

  • i can't find RM-561 !!!

  •  Nokia Data Package Manager

  • Não localizo  essa versão  do Lumia 800 

    Versão RM-819 Produto 59M358  no   Datapackcagermanager

  • Hi

    I am looking for the product code list of all firmwares for all the regions…if somebody can help?


      1. Im looking for the Code of the Nokia Lumia 825in White. Its branded from 3.IT, the Product Type is RM-825, but i cant find the Product Code

  • thanks for sharing ;]

  • This version worked for my Lumia 800:

    Nokia Data Package Manager 2013.7.5 Edited

    With type (RM-801) and code from:


  • This application shows only the availability of latest version of the device. How to download the lowest versions of the device through this application?

  • how do i find the product code? plz help.

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