Mail for Exchange fails to on some S40 models

When starting Mail for Exchange for the first time (or after a factory reset) on a Nokia 301, 208 or 515, users are currently seeing the client trying to check for updates after which they get an error message similar to: “Updating: An error occurred. Try again.” And the client never starts.


March 4th, 2014:
This issue is globally affecting all device models mentioned and it is currently under investigation. Updates will follow once we have a resolution.


March 5th, 2014:
Issue is now resolved.

10 Replies to “Mail for Exchange fails to on some S40 models”

  1. I think after taking over NOKIA by Microsoft, this service has been stopped by Microsoft as the OVI store of NOKIA has been sold Opera.
    Might be possible microsoft will update this software will be updated with new link which will connect to Hotmail or Outlook as Microsoft will try to moov all NOKIA users to his doman because NOKIA is comming back by the end of 2016. Till then Microsoft has to remove Nokia word from the accuared asset.
    NOKIA we are still love you…..and waiting for your comeback.
    Best of luck NOKIA

  2. i am facing the same problem, purchased new nokia 301, when tyring to connect mfe (mail for exchange), it is tyring to update the version and get the error “try again”.

    any possiblity to stop checking for new version update?

    Pl. help me on this.

  3. I have several new Nokia 208 phones that I need to setup for my work, i managed to setup the first a couple of weeks ago with Mail for Exchange, it went through the “checking for new version” and updated from 0.0.12 to 1.1.43 I think. However am now trying to setup the others using same process but when “checking for new version” keeps coming up with “An error occurred. Retry?” I have tried resetting to factory defaults etc etc but nothing seems to work – can you please help

  4. Hello,

    I have updated fw of my Nokia 301 but I still have problem with “Mail for Exchange”. When I start the app, it needs update. After few seconds I get this message: “An error occurred. Retry?” So the app won’t start at all.

  5. This issue is not resolved on my phone (515 Dual SIM), I have applied device update to version 10.34 13/03/2014, RM-952. Pls advice on how to resolve. I need this feature to download and synch contacts. Anthony …

  6. Hola!!! cual es la solucion? porque yotengo ese problema en mi nokia 301, la aplicacion correo se actualizo y genero conflicto en esa aplicacion y las otras.

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