Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0 Guide Updated)

New version of the Nokia Care Suite Product Support Tool 5.0 is available.

It provides support for the Nokia Windows Phones (Lumia), Nokia X and the latest Asha devices and products supported by the Testing and Tuning tool. Installation package and latest version of User Guide Document are attached.

For the products that are not supported in this release, old PST and Multi SW Updater version 2011.50.2 or Phoenix release needs to be used.
New features in the Care Suite 5.0
– Multi IMEI Reader support for Windows Phone 8.1 devices.
– Support for new devices: RM-981, RM-1011, RM-1012, RM-1030, RM-1042, RM-1043, RM-1045, RM-1053.

Changes & Error corrections from previous version
Please note:

Offline installation: Uninstall previous version ( manually before installing this version.
Only the new Common Data Package Location (SR1315) is supported by default. If you need to use other Data Package Locations, they need to be added to the preferences manually.

Do not use Care Suite 4.0 and 5.0 simultaneously. They can be installed on the same PC and launched from the Nokia Application Launcher but not run at the same time.

If it seems that all features are not available on the left hand side of the screen, please click the small arrow next to the list. More features will be shown. This may happen if your screen is not maximized.
Lumia / Windows 7 phones will reboot when they are disconnected – please wait for the phone to restart
Installation of FUSE drivers may take a long time. Therefore it is recommended that the Windows Automatic Driver Installation is disabled from the Control panel. Please go to Windows Control Panel -> System ->Advanced System Settings ->Hardware ->Device Installation Settings and select “Never install driver software from Windows Update”
PC must be connected to network, meaning that Ethernet cable must be connected to PC and connection needs to be configured to work properly. PC must be able to connect to for example internal network, but it is not necessary that PC has an online connection to Internet.

Nokia X (RM-980). Note: For device detection, user needs to manually enter code: *#*#2273#*#* on device dial-pad and enable WinUSB mode by selecting it on device’s screen. Same action is always needed after finalized flashing.
Known errors & limitations
FLS-5 Drivers included in the installation package do not support 64-bit WIndows operating systems. Therefore Care Suite PST can not be used for servicing phones which use FLS-5 (USB_FBUS) connection.
Please do not use diacritical signs when selecting installation path for NCS.
Recovery or Refurbishment Flashing for Lumia Series Devices may fail on first attempt. Please try again, it works the second time around
Asha drivers don’t install when devices are connected via USB hub (on win7). Hub works if user installs drivers first via straight USB connection.

PST release 5.0 can be installed on the same PC with all current Nokia Service Software Applications, but simultaneous use with earlier PST version 4.0 is not possible

Audio input test with RM-899, RM-900 and RM-902 require AHJ headset.
In case of OMTP AV connector the microphone signal pin is switched with ground and the test fails silently.
(no error returned from the device).

Chess patterns do not work with RM-839, RM-840, RM-841, RM-948, RM-949, RM-950, RM-952, RM-953, RM-954, RM-956, RM-957.
The error is on device sw side.

Multi Software Updater 5.0 issues with devices RM-944 (Nokia 108 Dual SIM) and RM-945 (Nokia 108) Multi Software Updater 5.0 has some problem with multi refurbish for devices RM-944 (Nokia 108 Dual SIM) and RM-945 (Nokia 108).
In order to fix this problem please disable Refurbish Logs in preferences. Please follow the instructions below on how to solve this problem:

– Launch “Multi Software Updater 5.0” then go to menu File –> Preferences;
– In preference switch to “Logs” tab then uncheck Refurbish Logs Enable;
– Click Ok button

Windows Phone 8.1 devices having Dual SIM have IMEI reading issue in test mode. IMEI2 reading fails so that IMEI1 is shown also as IMEI2.
In normal mode, both IMEIs are read correctly.


• When using Multi SW Updater, the recommendation is to use it with up to five devices that are the same model and start the refurbish to every device simultaneously.
• Do not start 1st flash-round with full amount of devices – instead add gradually 2-3 devices – Fuse can be fragile when 8-16 devices at once tries to create new connection
• When using USB Hub please connect devices one by one to the ascending USB ports – it will help you to distinguish which of them had failed and needs to be recovered by Recovery plugin (check IMEI, USB Port # from UI or follow Action Report log for details)
• Do not connect\disconnect devices while other flashings are in progress – all should be finalized (successful or not) – main reason for fail is USB port enumeration done by OS when changing something
• Additional info for 16 simultaneous flashes: Based on testing with Windows Phone 8 devices please follow the following preliminary recommendations for a PC USB setup for maximum stability and timing of the USB bus:
• Use a PC that has at least four (4) independent USB 2.0 host controllers.
• Connect no more than one powered external USB hub to each host controller
• Each external hub must have its own independent power source, with the capability to supply at least 500 mA per device connected to it.
• Connect no more than four (4) devices to each external hub
Supported products:
RM-761, RM-763, RM-781, RM-799, RM-800, RM-813, RM-884, RM-803, RM-809, RM-807, RM-832, RM-834, RM-810, RM-811, RM-812, RM-827, RM-837, RM-871, RM-808, RM-823, RM-802, RM-835, RM-836, RM-849, RM-724, RM-725, RM-819, RM-801, RM-596, RM-601, RM-609, RM-626, RM-639, RM-640, RM-659, RM-662, RM-670, RM-675, RM-679, RM-691, RM-692, RM-693, RM-694, RM-702, RM-704, RM-707, RM-718, RM-730, RM-749, RM-750, RM-754, RM-772, RM-774, RM-775, RM-776, RM-779, RM-766, RM-767, RM-768, RM-696, RM-714, RM-872, RM-873, RM-862, RM-863, RM-864, RM-824, RM-825, RM-826, RM-845, RM-867, RM-846, RM-852, RM-821, RM-820, RM-822, RM-889, RM-898, RM-907, RM-878, RM-838, RM-843, RM-911, RM-913, RM-914, RM-915, RM-917, RM-923, RM-885, RM-887, RM-860, RM-839, RM-840, RM-841, RM-919, RM-921, RM-924, RM-925, RM-926, RM-928, RM-929, RM-892, RM-893, RM-899, RM-900, RM-902, RM-910, RM-875, RM-876, RM-877, RM-927, RM-937, RM-938, RM-939, RM-940, RM-941, RM-942, RM-943, RM-948, RM-949, RM-950, RM-952, RM-953, RM-954, RM-955, RM-956, RM-957, RM-920, RM-922, RM-944, RM-945, RM-947, RM-951, RM-958, RM-959, RM-961, RM-962, RM-963, RM-994, RM-995, RM-996, RM-997, RM-998, RM-934, RM-972, RM-973, RX-113, RX-114, RM-969, RM-970, RM-971, RM-986, RM-987, RM-980, RM-1027, RM-1010, RM-974, RM-975, RM-976,RM-977, RM-978, RM-979, RM-1011, RM-1012, RM-1043, RM-981, RM-1053, RM-1030, RM-1042, RM-1045

 If you can not install the Full Version, please download and install the MSI File(We have removed the FLS from the MSI file so you can install it correctly).

Full: Download Now

MSI: Download Now

Nokia Care Suite User Guide 1.7.14: PDF | DOC | DOCX

22 Replies to “Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0 Guide Updated)”

  1. FM Radio and Bluetooth is not functioning in my Lumia 520. So, I run Self Test and result showed that FM radio and Bluetooth test failed. What should I do???? Help me plz….

  2. I already have all the drivers installed.and phone connect. but data packages not found/please help me

  3. I recently got from my sister an Asha Model 500 Type RM-750 based on Symbian 3 , latest update 28-8-2011 , browser version 7.3 , flash version 4.0 , java version 2.2 . After two to three weeks of usage, the phone now goes off after entering SIM pin number. Without SIM card I am still able to switch phone on in offline mode and use Bluetooth and play music or videos. How do I unlock the phone . My sister cannot remember the lock code !!! Thanks

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  5. now I need to connect my nokia xl with my Windows 8.1pc through my data cable(not a nokia product)…the usb connection mode in my nokia xl remain hidden (hidden in the sense can’t check that option) if I connect the mobile to pc it only gets charged and can’t transfer data.. which software should I use to transfer data from my pc to my mobile through data cable…

  6. hi i rooted my xl and installed kitkat launcher now wifi and network are not working so i want to reinstall my previous nokia android os in my xl how can i do that can anyone please tell me the process for that so that it would be very useful for me thanks in advance

  7. Hello! Where can find login and password?
    If offline mode, program not work properly and not find firmwares!

      1. Thank you for your answer! Ok, but then i not understand why need this version if in this version can’t find and download firmwares, or here only Nokia official employees?
        And why can find and download firmwares on old version “Nokia Care Suite 2013.1.3.4”, but on this new can’t find and download firmwares?

  8. when i click on ‘product support tool’ it show to sign in. so i m not able to use it properly. please help me

  9. Finally got it to recognize the phone!

    But it’s unable to finish the recovery (phone reboots but goes straight to menu again).

    Nokia Software Recovery does the same – stops at 10%.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

  10. Dear Sir,

    I can’t get the Care Suite to recognize a RM-952. I already have all the drivers installed.

    Is there a hidden WinUSB mode like you mentioned for Nokia X? Or should I do something different?


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