Dead Flashing Nokia X with Nokia Care Suite

  • When you root your Nokia X, delete something wrong, then the phone is dead, you need dead flashing it.
  • When you flash your Nokia X in the wrong way, then the phone is dead, you need dead flashing it.
  • When you install some apps that makes the phone dead, you need dead flashing it.
  • Hardware problem can not be fixed by dead flashing it.
  • You will lose all the data(Contacts, etc.)


1. Download The latest firmware with Nokia Data Package Manager 2013.7.5 Edited (Screenshot image is the firmware version until 2014.05.25)

Download The latest firmware with Nokia Data Package Manager 2013.7.5 Edited


2. Download and install the Nokia Care Suite (Until 2014.06.19)


1. Put the firmware(RM-980 Folder) into the default path “C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\”.

Put the firmware(RM-980 Folder) into the default path

2. Open Nokia Care Suite – Product Support Tool For Store 5.0.

Open Nokia Care Suite – Product Support Tool For Store 5

3. Click Work offline.

Click Work offline

4. Choose “File” – “Open Product”.

Choose File - Open Product

5. Choose “RM-980 (Nokia X)”.

Choose RM-980 (Nokia X)

6. Choose “Programming” – “Recovery”

Choose Programming - Recovery

7. If the firmware is in the right path, you will see the “Product Code”, “Version”, “Variant Name” and “Data package path”.

If the firmware is in the right path, you will see the Product Code, Version, Variant Name and Data package path

8. Click the “Start”

Click the Start

9. It will verify the data package.

It will verify the data package

10. Make sure your phone is powered off, press the “Volume Down” and the “Power” button at the same time, when feel the vibration, Release the “Power” button but keep pressing the “Volume Down” button for 15 seconds, the phone should show the screen only with “Nokia”, connect the phone with your computer, the computer will recognize and install the drivers, when drivers is installed property successfully, click the “Retry” button.

click the Retry button

11. Nokia Care Suite will recognize the phone and start flash it, it will take about 5 minutes.

Nokia Care Suite will recognize the phone and start flash it, it will take about 5 minutes

12. Recovery Completed.


13. Your can have your Nokia X back.

“Dead Flashing Nokia X with Nokia Care Suite”的129个回复

  1. my nokia x dead only detecting nokia emergency mod i triad dead flash using nokia care but faild to flash it says rm980 xml file not found produc t code 059W119 please help me

  2. After flashing, my nokia 2700 classic don’t reboot and flashing was not completed. I have tried both “Phoenix” and “Nokia BEST”. please help me.

  3. 10th step not working for me my phone does’nt vibrate and goes in recovery mode i have bought this phone only 1 month ago please help me

  4. i have nokia xl……
    my phone dosent start shown only nokia logo
    whne i restore my phone in recovery modethen he showes system mount fail
    only recovery mode work
    please help me what should i do
    thanx… 🙂

  5. sir i accidently flashed miui on my nokia x2 just flashed boot file and phone started even displays correct imei nos.i flashed original rm-1013 ver through nokia care suite according to your instructions.but from now my sim cards are not shows offline.and gives the error,something went wrong.please contact your service provider or nokia care…

  6. I’ve Nokia X and rooted it successfully.
    Also flashed G-Apps and Other Root Apps.
    Linked user apps to SD card’s ext-2 partition.
    Everything Worked Fine.
    While Rebooting using ROM-Manager, It was stuck and didin’t boot anymore.
    Even can’t boot into Recovery or Bootloader Etc…
    It just Vibrates when Powered Up. It don’t even show Nokia logo, just blank.
    Its bricked.
    Please Help me To Unbrick My Nokia X (RM-980).
    I’ve used to Nokia X flasher, but in order to get connected to Nokia X Flasher, USB Drivers must be installed and I failed to install drivers.
    error code 28,
    before it was 10.
    Device is Connected as Qualcomm CDMA Tech…
    How should I install Drivers and Start Nokia X Flasher.
    Please Help me…
    I’m really in need…
    Plz plz plz Help…
    or any other method if there is…

    1. did your phone is alive? i got the same problem. may i know what is the solution for this? thanks. it will be really appreciated tnx

  7. nokia x is dead no starting logo & nothing is doing so what can i do for start nokia x

  8. hai
    i am update my nokia x custom ROM kitkat cyanogenmod 11 but some problem have,so i want nokia x default software so plz helpme…

      1. evet benimde telefon olu ne yapa bilirim yardim edin nokia rm-1013 hic acilmiyor yanlis flash atildi kapandi simdi kic acilmiyor telefon +994515895717 whatsapp yes

  9. Dude! Please help! was in the process of flashing the rom then the screen of my phone went blank and the nokia care suite showed me an error. I removed the usb and tried to restart the phone, but nothing happened. Tried to reconnect and reflash. Nothing again. The phone doesn’t even boot into recovery again. It’s just dead. I saw an article somewhere about debricking, but I have no idea if it would work for the Nokia X2DS since I need a debrick.img file. When I checked my devices and printers, it shows my phone as QHSUSB_BULK. I tried following your steps, but nothing happened. Any help would be appreciated as I can’t tell my parents I’ve ruined the nw phone they just got me.

  10. please dev can any one tell me how to unbrick my serious dead nokia x no recovery, no download mode, no nokia logo just feel turn on vibrate.

    plllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss heeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllpppppppppp

      1. Yes! Doesn’t work! The phone doesn’t even vibrate or show the Nokia logo. Please help.

  11. thakssss

    អរគុណច្រើន ពិតជាបានសំរេចមែន

  12. My nokia x2 dual sim phone root.after coming diolog “start has stop””mail has stop”etc.some time phone testart auto.after i recover lumiya recovery tool.but that issues always coming.what i do it.pls help me.

  13. i have rooted my nokia x2 android and hen i installed chainfirefire 3d after boot athr phone is not restarting nokia icon apperas then goes back what to do now please help and even it is not connecting to pc please helpp

  14. while recovering i accidentally disconnected the usb cable. now my device is not opening? is this seriuos?

  15. i just follow ur instruction but nothing to programdata/nokia/package/product, just “C:/programfiles/nokia/nokiacaresuite..please help me i try put Nokia X2 dual sim..sorry bad english.

  16. 10th Step is impossible for me because my nokia x is not responding to power key.
    Screen is blank

    1. Hello.. I am having the same problem..did you find a solution? kindly let me know. Thank you in advance.

  17. Hi! Just completed all the steps given above and guess what, my nokia X2 dual sim is working damn fine and along with that it is currently running on the new 2.1 software platform!! I am so much thankful to you! Thank you for saving my phone!!! I love you Seidea! 🙂

  18. My new nokia X2 dual sim was not starting and was stuck at the nokia sign, after I went to the Nokia Care, there they tried to update the software in my phone but after sometime they said that my phone is dead! I am currently downloading the Nokia X2 RM-1013 firmware package from Data Package Manager, and after that Should I follow the above steps to recover my dead phone??? Please please please help!!

  19. Bro I want to flash my Nokia x2 rm 1030. I am from India so what all files must I download through NCS.

  20. I will update my nokia xl version but i will remove the battery on update is not complete then no response now my xl is dead ,what can i do help me

  21. hello there, I bricked my phone while updating firmware offline. I did everything you said & It started to flash my phone but it stopped in the middle of the process & now my phone is not connecting to my pc.

    I got this error :

    Error occured during flashing!
    Nokia.Gamma.Flash.FlashException: Error occured during flashing!
    at Nokia.Gamma.Flash.Flash.Program(String serialNumber)
    at Nokia.CareSuite.PlugIns.GammaRecovery.RecoveryDialog.RecoveryDialogModel.Flash()
    at Nokia.CareSuite.PlugIns.GammaRecovery.RecoveryDialog.RecoveryDialogModel.b__10(Object state)

  22. Hello, please my nokia x2 dual sim is not coming on. It only shows the Nokia logo continuously without coming on. Do I follow the above step or is there something else I should try. I really do need your help. Thanks

    1. Dear Side, I’m having the same problem, but when I connect the phone to the USB than boots normally. Software is upgraded.
      I suspect could be a problem of battery. What do you think?
      Thanks and best regards, Giovi

  23. Dear Seidea,
    Please upload a tutoraial for dead phone usb flashing for nokia lumia devices like lumia 520,525, etc….
    Using nokia care suite as phoenix doesn’t support lumia devices write na…

  24. My Nokia xl stops at Nokia logo when booting, it can’t go off unless I remove the battery. After succesfuI rooting i deleted some things from the phone system. I need help pls.

  25. mera nokia c7 firmware update successful but not start in normal mode.
    please suggest how can start in normal mode?

  26. I instal the nokia care suit but at final last instal wizard intrepteted the message was “ur system is not modified wizard is intrpted” what i do for that?

  27. Sir my phone neither vibrates nor shows nokia logo. I have kept it on charge for full day but still it is the same

      1. Dear i have a nokia x with your same problem can you advice me what u dd for that

        my mobile is not vibrating its connecting to nokia emergency driver pls advice me ….

  28. my nokia xl is not dead but i want to update the firmeware through usb not through th phone free on air update can you show me the steps

  29. My volume down button does not work. Is there anything else i can do to flash the my phone

  30. Hello, please my Nokia X does not power up, vibrate or show the Nokia screen so I can’t boot into bootloader mode.

    1. I have told you to rename the files
      Notice: You need rename the files when you download them successfully, delete the letters before the first “_”(For example: rename the file “F451EE63_RM892_059S6R9_hwt_v2437.bin” to “RM892_059S6R9_hwt_v2437.bin”)

  31. why am i getting this error massage-
    Dcp was referenced from the Vpl but the file was not found: ‘C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\RM-980\RM980_059V301_10.0.3_061.dcp’
    i have both the .dcp and .vpl file in the destination folder. they are altogether 21 files.
    Pls reply soon i am in trouble

      1. i cannot paste the snapshot, its in picture format (.jpeg, .png) i have converted to .pdf bt still can not post it.

        1. Notice: You need rename the files when you download them successfully, delete the letters before the first “_”(For example: rename the file “F451EE63_RM892_059S6R9_hwt_v2437.bin” to “RM892_059S6R9_hwt_v2437.bin”)

    1. bro I have nokia X i have done all process from start to retry button actullay I have formated emmc from root and format boot at root my phone becomes dead not connecting in pc what should I do for dead flashing ?


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