Software Update for Nokia XL Dual SIM (RM-1030): Version

Notice: You need rename the files when you download them successfully, delete the letters before the first “_”(For example: rename the file “55FAC847_RM1030_1.2.1.2_oemsblhd.mbn” to “RM1030_1.2.1.2_oemsblhd.mbn”)

059V6Q6: RM-1030 NDT IMEA IN

133 Replies to “Software Update for Nokia XL Dual SIM (RM-1030): Version”

  1. Restore to factory setting your phone then download the latest version of update,i have been download it and check it was ok..
    Please back up your contact and other details after restoring…

  2. When update v model rm 1030 and product code 059v6s5 then crash contect and phone .sim nt showing .mobile data not open. Plz send me solve.send me link download Contect apk and phone apk application.

  3. I have downloaded my nokia xl update up to 20 times but cannot install at a stage during installation it will show error sign. I ve formatted the internal storage to make sure enough space is available but can’t install.

  4. my nokia xl hanged every time on nokia logo when i restart it i spend lots of money on its repare now i am tired off can some one tell me its solution how open r updateis software on pc at home

  5. My nokia xl skrech hd video why you people make solution of this problem and reply mee plz?

  6. I have tried all I can to update my store Nokia xl to the latest version but can’t, download its show failedant

  7. I have tried all I can to update my Nokia xl to the latest version but can’t, it’s saying error establishing a data base

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