Software Update for Nokia XL Dual SIM (RM-1030): Version

Notice: You need rename the files when you download them successfully, delete the letters before the first “_”(For example: rename the file “55FAC847_RM1030_1.2.1.2_oemsblhd.mbn” to “RM1030_1.2.1.2_oemsblhd.mbn”)

059V6Q6: RM-1030 NDT IMEA IN

133 Replies to “Software Update for Nokia XL Dual SIM (RM-1030): Version”

  1. How to update or I need software for update nokia rm 980 my mobile not working in mobile store

  2. My phone not connect wifi and not vedio play.and not play stor or youtube not responding and not updat my phone so plz my resqut…

  3. I’m using Nokia -XL,Dual SIM 3G,version,product code 059V6Q6,RM-1030,how to update my mobile phone version,pleasewould you send me.

  4. I want my Nokia xl update…such a stupid mobile company are Nokia..they not given latest updates version of mobile…Nokia xl ranking 1/10..

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