Software Update for Nokia XL Dual SIM (RM-1030): Version

Please use Nokia Data Package Manager to download the firmware.

059W161: RM-1030 NDT APAC ID ERA V2
059W162: RM-1030 NDT APAC ID PAR V2
059W163: RM-1030 NDT APAC ID TRI V2
059W160: RM-1030 NDT APAC MY V2
059W158: RM-1030 NDT APAC PH V2
059W157: RM-1030 NDT APAC TH V2
059W156: RM-1030 NDT APAC VN V2
059W168: RM-1030 NDT EURO KZ V2
059W166: RM-1030 NDT EURO PL V2
059W164: RM-1030 NDT EURO RU V2
059W165: RM-1030 NDT EURO TR V2
059W167: RM-1030 NDT EURO UA V2
059W180: RM-1030 NDT IMEA AE V2
059W181: RM-1030 NDT IMEA BD V2
059W173: RM-1030 NDT IMEA EG V2
059W171: RM-1030 NDT IMEA IN V2
059W174: RM-1030 NDT IMEA KE V2
059W179: RM-1030 NDT IMEA KW V2
059W175: RM-1030 NDT IMEA NG V2
059W177: RM-1030 NDT IMEA OM V2
059W170: RM-1030 NDT IMEA PK V2
059W178: RM-1030 NDT IMEA QA V2
059W176: RM-1030 NDT IMEA SA V2

35 Replies to “Software Update for Nokia XL Dual SIM (RM-1030): Version”

  1. Sir,
    I want to update my Nokia X L RM 1030 to latest version please tell to trick .

  2. sir !
    mai apna Nokia x l dual sim rm 1030 version
    Update krna chahta hu please trick btaiye

  3. Hello sir/mam,

    I ve a nokia xl and version of and I ve a problem of everytime when I restart my nokia it cannot be turn on and I ve to hard reset every time. And I tried to update latest version 1.2 3.21 but it cant be check for update. How can I fix my mobile and update for new version so I dont need to hard reset again. What I need to do.

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