Software Update for Nokia X2 Dual SIM (RM-1013): Version

Notice: You need rename the files when you download them successfully, delete the letters before the first “_”(For example: rename the file “8B63645F_RM975_059W0T7_hwt_vs_v159.bin” to “RM975_059W0T7_hwt_vs_v159.bin”)


“Software Update for Nokia X2 Dual SIM (RM-1013): Version”的14个回复

  1. My x2 Nokia dual sim lumia media player encountered problem. How can l correct it.

  2. hiii….i use nokia X2 DS phone ,now in present i use sortware .i dont get any notification of new updates plz help me nd send me for a new software update….

  3. I have lost my play store fom my phone Nokia X2 , what can i do to install anew one

  4. Hello, i also using nokia x2 dual sim and the version of this is 2.1.12, but i can’t received any notification of that so i updated from nokia care, but now i find its latest version (2.1.13) and also in this time i haven’t received any notification about update version. So, what can i do now??

  5. how to use this update? download all file one by one? where i can put this update?

    1. 用“Nokia Package Manage”,在“Online Server”里面填写“Product type:RM-1013”,“Product code:059V782”,搜索下,就可以自己下载了


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