Use iTunes to download old version of app (no jailbreak needed)


1. iTunes
2. Fiddler (Windows 8+ please choose Fiddler for .NET4)

1. Open Fiddler, choose “Tools” – “Fiddler Options” – “HTTPS”, Check the “Decrypt HTTPS traffic”, choose “Yes” when installing the certificate. Do not close the Fiddler.

Step 1-1

Step 1-2

2. Open iTunes, search the app you want to download, click the download button, use 7-Zip or Winrar to open the app, then open the “iTunesMetadata.plist”.

Step 2-1

3. You can find the “softwareVersionExternalIdentifiers”, like these:


Step 3-1

the bottom is the latest version.
4. In the Fiddler, find a host like “p**”, and url like “/WebObjects/MZBuy.woa”, right click and choose “Replay” – “Reissue and Edit”, click “TextView”, change the numbers of “appExtVrsId” to the numbers you want to download (like 815395780).

Step 4-1

Step 4-2

Step 4-3

5. Click “Run to Completion”.

Step 5-1

6. Click the “XML”, see if it’s the version you want to download, if it’s not, change to another id and try again.

Step 6-1

Step 6-2

7. If you find the right version, refresh the iTunes and delete the latest version you download in step 2. search it again and do not download it.

8. Open Fiddler, choose “Rules” – “Automatic Breakpoints” – “Before Requests”, then click “download” button in the iTunes.

Step 8-1

9. Click “Run to Completion” if you see host named “Tunnel To”.

Step 9-1

10. Click the host like “p**”, change the numbers, then click “Run to Completion”.

Step 10-1

Step 10-2

11. Close the Fiddler, then you can resume the download in the iTunes. The old version of app will be downloaded.

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