Latest SEAP Software Version List – Until 2014.06.09(wk 24)

Note: Please note that this list only contain updated SEAP info.

Date Change History
31-Oct-2013 Added Asha 205, Nokia 515, sw list, updated 1020 Hspa+, Nokia108 and Nokia 210 software;
31-Oct-2013 add Nokia 515 software
31-Oct-2013 Updated service software release 
28-Nov-2013 Updated Asha 501 PR2.0 software release
28-Nov-2013 Updated service software release 
28-Nov-2013 Updated 108 software release. 1520 product added
02-Dec-2013 Added Asha 502 software release
20-Feb-2014 Removed all old products on or before 2010
20-Feb-2014 added Lumia black software releases
20-Feb-2014 Added Lumia 525 items
20-Feb-2014 Service software versions updated
04-Mar-2014 Added new product Nokia x and Nokia 220
04-Mar-2014 Updated NCS release
07-Apr-2014 added Asha 501 PR3.0 release sw Version 14.0.4
07-Apr-2014 added Nokia X Pr1a release sw Version 11.1.1
07-Apr-2014 added Asha 500 PR2.0 release sw Version 14.0.4
07-Apr-2014 added Asha 502 PR2.0 release sw Version 14.0.4
02-May-2014 added Nokia X PR1b release
23-May-2014 added Nokia Asha 203, Lumia 630, Nokia 515,nokia 208
09-Jun-2014 Added Nokia 220 new software release  PR1d 14.00.11

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The Lumia Amber software update is here

Enhanced camera performance, Nokia Smart Camera and more

How and when can I get Nokia Lumia Amber software update?

The Lumia Amber update begins rolling out in August – you’ll get a notification on your phone when it’s ready to go. The update will be available for Nokia Lumia 920, 820, 720, 620, 520, 928, 822, 521 and 810. CHECK AVAILABILITY (ENGLISH)




Take even better pictures.

The Lumia Amber update improves the camera capabilities across the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 range with better low-light photos, improved auto focus, enhanced noise filter and more. You will get even better shots.

Nokia Smart Camera – a burst of creativity.

Take a sequence of photos with Nokia Smart Camera, and then choose which story you want to tell. Choose your best shot, capture a sequence of motion, put the motion in focus, remove unwanted moving objects or select the best expressions to make great group shots. Download the Nokia Smart Camera app from the Nokia Collection – you'll find it in the Store on your phone.


Nokia Glance Screen is back.

Nokia Glance Screen returns with the Lumia Amber update. With the Glance Screen, your Lumia doubles as a clock with day and night modes while keeping you up to speed on your battery status. (Glance Screen is not available for Lumia 520)

FM Radio – entertainment on the airwaves.

Powered by Windows Phone 8, FM Radio comes to Lumia. Plug in your headset and tune in to your favourite radio stations with an easy to use interface and stereo sound. (FM Radio not available on Lumia 620, Lumia 810 and Lumia 928)


Product Codes of All Nokia Lumia Series and Nokia X Series

Please use Ctrl + F to search The Product RM.

Lumia Series:
Lumia 1020(RM-875, RM-876, RM-877)
Lumia 1320(RM-994, RM-995, RM-996)
Lumia 1520(RM-937, RM-938, RM-939, RM-940)
Lumia 2520(RX-113, RX-114, RX-114V) (Not updated)
Lumia 505(RM-923)
Lumia 510(RM-889, RM-898)
Lumia 520(RM-914, RM-915)
Lumia 520T(RM-913)
Lumia 521(RM-917)
Lumia 525(RM-998)
Lumia 526(RM-997)
Lumia 530(RM-1017)
Lumia 530 Dual SIM(RM-1019)
Lumia 610(RM-835)
Lumia 610 NFC(RM-849)
Lumia 610C(RM-836)
Lumia 620(RM-846)
Lumia 625(RM-941, RM-942, RM-943)
Lumia 630(RM-976, RM-977)
Lumia 630 Dual SIM(RM-978, RM-979)
Lumia 635(RM-974, RM-975)
Lumia 636 4G(RM-1027)
Lumia 638 4G(RM-1010)
Lumia 710(RM-803, RM-809)
Lumia 720(RM-885)
Lumia 720T(RM-887)
Lumia 800(RM-801, RM-819)
Lumia 800C(RM-802)
Lumia 810(RM-878)
Lumia 820(RM-824, RM-825, RM-826)
Lumia 822(RM-845)
Lumia 900(RM-808, RM-823)
Lumia 920(RM-820, RM-821, RM-822)
Lumia 920T(RM-867)
Lumia 925(RM-892, RM-893, RM-910)
Lumia 925T(RM-955)
Lumia 928(RM-860)
Lumia 930(RM-1045)



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