Bluetooth support on Nokia 220 and Nokia 225

Affected Products or Services
RM-970, RM-971, RM-969, RM-1011, RM-1012, RM-1043; Nokia 220, Nokia 220 Dual SIM, Nokia 225, Nokia 225 Dual SIM

Bluetooth profile support on Nokia 220 and Nokia 225 devices.

On Nokia 220 and Nokia 225 devices the bluetooth version is 3.0, which supports below profiles:


Following profiles are not supported in Nokia 220 and Nokia 225 devices:


That is to say, Nokia 220 and Nokia 225 supports only file transfer, but it does not support bluetooth audio (bluetooth headset or bluetooth carkit).

Deactivation of Mobile Services Protocol.

Microsoft deactivates the Mobile Services Protocol. (MPS) interface on March 1, 2014.
This affects MSN Messenger and NMS Hotmail on S40/S60 devices.


MSN Messenger
With the deactivation of the MPS interface MSN Messenger on S40/S60 devices stops working.

As Microsoft is ramping down the service already over some time the user base has reduced to 200´000, mainly in LAT.

The following FAQ has been published:


Q: Why is MSN Messenger chat not working on my Nokia device?
A: Microsoft is retiring MSN Messenger and encourages you to begin using Skype. After March 1, 2014 you will no longer be able to reach your MSN contacts using this Nokia app. Learn more about Skype at .

The above information is as well sent to MPS users as marketing message.


MSN Hotmail
Microsoft migrates Hotmail from MSP to IMAP. IMAP does not support contact synchronization and contact search for Hotmail. After March 1, 2014 users will no longer be able to use contact synchronization and contact search for Hotmail using the Nokia Messaging mail app on S40/S60 devices.
Mailing functions will remain unchanged.

Contact synchronization and contact search for Hotmail is used globally only by few users.

The following FAQ has been published:


Q: Why does contact synchronization and contact search for Hotmail not work on my Nokia device?
A: Microsoft migrates Hotmail from MSP to IMAP. IMAP does not support contact synchronization and contact search for Hotmail. After March 1, 2014 you will no longer be able to use contact synchronization and contact search for Hotmail using the Nokia Messaging mail app.

Mail for Exchange fails to on some S40 models

When starting Mail for Exchange for the first time (or after a factory reset) on a Nokia 301, 208 or 515, users are currently seeing the client trying to check for updates after which they get an error message similar to: “Updating: An error occurred. Try again.” And the client never starts.


March 4th, 2014:
This issue is globally affecting all device models mentioned and it is currently under investigation. Updates will follow once we have a resolution.


March 5th, 2014:
Issue is now resolved.

5 top tips for your Nokia Lumia from Sparked TV

If you’ve ever wanted to watch quick and easy videos on how-to do something with your Windows Phone 8 smartphone, look no further than Microsoft’s Sparked TV YouTube channel. Each video lasts about 60 seconds and full of useful info. Here are five useful tips for your Nokia Lumia from Sparked TV.


Whether you’re new to Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8, or you’ve been using it for a while, there’s always something new to learn.

Backup your data

It’s always a good idea to make a backup of your personal data. What if something happens to your phone, or if you move from one phone to another?

A backup makes sure you’ve always got access to your text messages, call history, photos and videos, as well as your app list and settings.

Sync iTunes library to Windows Phone

If you have an iTunes player full of music and you want to transfer that library to your Nokia Lumia, you can*. Just install the Windows Phone App and follow the few short steps in this video.

Messaging – including Facebook chat

When it comes to messaging your friends or family, naturally you’ll need to head over to the messaging app on your Nokia Lumia.

However, it’s worth noting that from here not only can you send an SMS but also message people using Facebook chat. Messaging will display all the chats in the same threaded view that you’re familiar with to ensure that always a part of the conversation.

Setting up Kid’s Corner

For those with children, you’ll know all too well that they love to play with your phone. Sometimes this can lead to your kids inadvertently sending out nonsensical emails to work colleagues, or phone calls to anybody in your phone list.

The Kid’s Corner on your Nokia Lumia lets your child play games or apps, but keeps them away from your important grown-up stuff.

Making the most of People Hub

The People Hub is at the heart of your Nokia Lumia. It’s where all the details of your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances are gathered.

Make the most of it by using the what’s new feed to stay informed of what all your friends are doing on their social networks and by creating personal private rooms for you all to chat.

*Some DRM protected files can’t be copied for legal reasons.

Close your doors with Call and SMS filter

Not every phone call and message is a pleasure to receive. Sometimes you wish you could stop certain people being able to contact you wherever and whenever.

And now you can. Thanks to the latest Lumia update to hit the range from Nokia, you can now add people to a blacklist for calls and SMS messages. It will arrive (or has already arrived) as part of the latest update to the ‘extras and info’ app and is downloaded through the Windows Phone store. You’ll need the latest software update from Microsoft to take advantage, though, so at the moment only the Lumia 625, Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 are affected. Everyone else will get it soon.



It’s super-simple to use. To get started, go to your list of latest calls through the main ‘phone’ tile.

Find the number or person you want to block and long-tap on their entry. Choose ‘block number’. The phone will ask you to confirm, and if you agree, you won’t be getting any calls or text messages from that number on your Lumia from now on.

You can manage the numbers you’ve blocked using a new entry in the settings menu: ‘call and SMS filter’. Here you can see how many calls and messages have been blocked and remove numbers from the blacklist, if you’ve made a mistake.

You can also switch the filter on and off – it may be that you only want to block calls during a certain period, for example.

You can also activate a Live Tile and notifications for your filter. And you can choose to automatically block calls from a ‘private’ number – something that is often the sign of sales call.


‘Call and SMS filter’ is a very simple but effective new option to enhance your Nokia Lumia, fully integrated with the existing software. We trust you’ll enjoy not receiving calls with it.

FROM Conversations by Nokia

Nokia Lumia 625: 10 things you need to know

The Nokia Lumia 625 is the perfect all-round smartphone, combining innovation traditionally found on high-end Lumias, with a suave design and affordable price tag. From the large screen, to 4G and changeable shells, there’s a lot to like. Read on to find out all you need to know.


Big display

Nokia’s latest Lumia features its biggest smartphone screen to date, with the 4.7-inch display proving ideal for watching videos, showing off your photographs or playing games. The screen also features Super Sensitive Touch technology so there’s no need to take your gloves off when typing messages in cold weather, and you can use the screen by tapping with fingernails.


4G/LTE connectivity

The Lumia 625 is the first affordable smartphone in Nokia’s range to feature 4G/LTE technology. The tech is normally only seen on high-end handsets, and it allows you to enjoy internet speeds that are up to 10x faster, making it easier than ever to stream music and browse your favourite websites.



Changeable shells

The Nokia Lumia 625 offers the choice of 5 semi-transparent changeable shells; available in orange, bright green, yellow, and white and black, which add to the Live Tile personalisation brought by Windows Phone 8. Jenny Cui from Nokia Design explains: “The interchangeable shells are constructed of a single piece of translucent polycarbonate, layered with an inner colour designed to amplify and bring to life your final colour choice.”


Stunning design

With a new expression of the award winning Nokia Lumia design, its intriguing semi-transparent polycarbonate design draws the eye and brings a natural feel to the hand. Simply put, it looks stunning and feels great to use.


Nokia Smart Camera and Nokia Cinemagraph

Apps like Nokia Smart Camera make the Nokia Lumia 925 one of the most impressive camera phones around. Great news is that the app is also available for the Nokia Lumia 625. Take advantage of Action Shot to get a sequence of movements in a single shot, and use Nokia Cinemagraph to create images that actually move for even more vivid memories.



Latest Nokia Lumia Amber update for WP8

The latest smartphone in Nokia’s Lumia range also comes with the latest version of Windows Phone 8. It features a number of additions such as Nokia Smart Camera.


8GB of on-board storage, 7GB of SkyDrive storage and support for 64GB microSD

There’s plenty of storage space for music and movie fans, with the Lumia 625 boasting 8GB on board memory, plus an additional 7GB of SkyDrive storage.There’s also a microSD memory card reader, so you can add an additional 64GB – more than enough for thousands of albums, photographs and movies.


Great Apps

From Viber and Whatsapp! to Temple Run and Netflix, there are loads of amazing apps available for the Lumia 625 that all look better on the big screen.



Here MAPS, Drive, Transit

You’ll never get lost with the Nokia Lumia 625 thanks to HERE Maps, Drive and Transit that even work offline to save you data charges. This excellent suite of apps make it easy to turn your Nokia into a sat-nav at the tap of a button, also giving you access to the latest bus, train and subway information.


Free Nokia Music

Why suffer sign-ups, sign-ins, adverts and subscriptions with your music streaming, when there’s Nokia Music with Mix Radio out of the box with Nokia Lumia 625. The best part is you can also save your favourite mixes for offline use so you have hours of listening fun when you need it most- when fighting boredom on a long train journey.


FROM Conversations by Nokia

Nokia Lumia 820 (RM-825, RM-824, RM-826), Lumia 620 (RM-846), Lumia 920 (RM-820, RM-821, RM-822) flashing instruction

How to identify the issue:

When phone is set to test-mode, battery capasity (state of charge SoC) is written to 0 %. Because of this, in some cases the phone will not start up or if it starts the battery capacity is displayed wrongly.

Repair instruction:

How to Work-a-round the issue:

– Battery removal or 2-finger reset (hold down power and volume down buttons until the phone vibrates) after repair actions will return the correct SoC value

– Phone will automatically get correct value 20 min after start up

– PR2.0 sw will have correction.

NOTE: Flashing the phone will not remove the issue

I have multiple Nokia accounts. What should I do?

It is recommended to keep only one Nokia account to access Nokia services, and to terminate the extra Nokia accounts on . Note that account termination deletes all data related to that account, for example possible credits, download history and other valuable data. When you delete your Nokia account, the username for that account is locked, and you cannot re-use it on a new Nokia account.

In case you want to continue using multiple Nokia accounts, each account has its own username and email address. In case the same email address is included in several accounts, it can be used to sign in for the account where the email address is verified.

You can change the Nokia account you want to use with your phone. You need to first remove the currently attached Nokia account from your phone, and then sign in to an Nokia service with the phone with the account you want to use with your phone. The easiest way to remove Nokia account from your phone is to select Remove account option in Nokia Maps application’s settings.

If you do not have the Maps application, to remove Nokia account from your phone, you can restore the factory settings to your phone. Use your phone to sign in to an Nokia service with the Nokia account you want to use with your phone. Note that restoring factory settings removes all your personal information from your phone.

Removing the Nokia account from your phone does not terminate your Nokia Account on web.

Why am I getting an error 801812E0 while rolling back my Nokia Lumia software to a recent available restore point in the Zune software?

The error code 801812E0 usually means that the available restore point is not made from the phone connected. This can happen is for instance a phone is flashed at a Nokia care Point or after a repair.

Refer to the following link on information on this error code:

After the next update is available, you will be able to restore your phone again.