How to check “life timer” using Nokia 220 and Nokia 220 Dual SIM

This device’s SW platform is S30+ MediaTek SW with Nokia UI, this article tells how to check “life timer” using it.


In order to check “life timer” using this device, SIM card must be inserted into the device at first, then input *#92702689#.



The life timer isn’t visible for these countries/regions (Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, China Mainland, Hongkong, TaiWan and India). It is visible to all other regions.

SW update process using Care Suite PST for Nokia Asha 501 and Asha 501 Dual SIM


Nokia uses log file (x-file) of phone SW to analyse phone SW performance, to improve phone SW quality.
But now this device phone SW can’t upload x-file to Nokia backend server automatically, so it is mandatory to follow below process when using Care Suite PST for this device.



Install Care suite PST version 2013.27.1 or later.

Connect device to PST via USB -> change device mode to “test mode” -> close PST -> launch once again -> wait for device to be detected by PST -> change it back to “normal mode”.

How to download Nokia Firmware with Nokia Care Suite

Download the ‘usergroupsconfiguration.cfg’ file bellow, then copy the ‘usergroupsconfiguration.cfg’ file to X¹:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Product Support Tool For Store 5.0, overwrite the Original file(Please backup the original file).
Open the application named ‘ProductSupportToolForStore’, click the Sign in immediately, then you can download the firmware through the ‘Tools – Firmware Download’.

If you have a NOL account, you can choose ‘Firmware repository for Care’ instead of the ‘Seidea’.

Attach File: usergroupsconfiguration.cfg
Original usergroupsconfiguration.cfg
1. X stands for your system path.

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How to download Nokia Firmware with Nokia Data Package Manager

If you want to download the firmware with the old version 2012.18.0, you can open the application and make it in “Online mode”, then you can enter the “Product type” and “Product code”[must enter!!!], you can find the Product code in Google search.

If you want to use the new version, you can download the Edited version in here.
but you still need enter the “Product type” and “Product code”[must enter!!!]

How to disable the authentication in Nokia Care Suite

When installed the Nokia Care Suite, then open the ProductSupportToolForStore.exe, it needs authentication(see image below).

If you don’t enter the username and password, you can’t click the “Sign in” but only the “Work offline”, We can solve this by editing one file.

Steps are as follows:

close the application, open the X¹:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Product Support Tool For Store 5.0, you can find a file named “usergroupsconfiguration.cfg”, open it with Notepad.

  <user_groups default="Firmware repository for Care">
		name="Firmware repository for Care"
    comment="Care Prot (NOL)"/>





save the file. Then open the application again, you can click the “Sign in” immediately without enter the username and password(see image below).

1. X stands for your system path.


If you want to download Nokia firmware, please download the Nokia Data Package Manager 2013.7.5 Edited.

Instructions how to avoid Nokia 808 PureView accidental camera start-ups

Nokia 808 Pureview has fast camera start-up feature. With this feature you can start up camera by pressing physical camera key, it passes by key lock and device lock (if used).
This feature enables starting camera very fast and take a picture.  You can deactivate it from settings- application settings – camera – Take picture when keys locked.

If user has problems with this fast camera start-up feature,
the feature can be deactivated from settings- application settings – camera – Take picture when keys locked.


Instructions where user should transfer pictures and videos taken other devices so that they are visible in Gallery/Videos of Nokia 808 Pureview.

Users might transfer (e.g. with memory card, via BT/ USB) pictures & videos taken with other devices also to Nokia 808 Pureview.
To able to get those visible in Gallery/ Videos application images should be transferred to Images –folder and videos to Videos –folder.
Moving pictures to Images-folder and moving videos to Videos-folder can be done in Files application
NOTE! Do not copy captured photos or videos with other devices into DCIM folder! It’s just for photos and video captured by Nokia 808 PureView.

NOTE! Videos taken with other devices than Nokia 808 Purview are shown only in Videos –application, not in Gallery.


Nokia Asha 302 – Java midlet applications corrupted and “waiting” issues with Java midlets, especially in homescreen

In some rare use cases and sometimes after an uninstall, java midlet applications can become corrupted, for example – Social and email.

In other rare use cases midlets in homescreen enter and stay in “waiting” status for a many minutes after start-up.


Applications no longer start, or in home screen the applications do not respond – the word “waiting” is shown.

Note : “waiting” is localised to the variant’s phone UI language, so it will be the equivalent for that language e.g. “warten” in German, etc.


Software version 14.53 contains fixes to prevent midlets getting into a waiting loop and also handles issues related to application corruption.

Repair steps:

  1. Flash phone with software version 14.53
  2. Start phone
  3. Do NOT interrupt start-up with the red end key.
  4. After checking home screen or affected application, turn phone off normally, and wait until phone is completely shutdown (black screen) before removing battery.

General note : On first ever start-up the phone “un-packs” the variant you flashed, so you should not interrupt start-up or shutdown.

Downgrading Devices Using Symbian Belle with Nokia Service Software


The purpose of this document is to describe what is required when devices using Symbian Belle are Downgraded to use older Symbian versions during SWAP phone creation.

Please note that when downgrading devices using Symbian Belle the latest product specific SWAP data packages and variant files must be used.

This is because the ENO software in Symbian Belle is not compatible with older Symbian versions. If older ENO software is not programmed during downgrade the phone will become dead. Continue reading “Downgrading Devices Using Symbian Belle with Nokia Service Software”