Nokia Lumia 800 (RM-801) PR1.1 Zune update “battery drained devices can’t turn on” issue

Affected Products or Services

RM-801, Lumia 800


PR1.1 has been available for end users to update via Zune since mid January.

We have discovered that after the Zune update to PR1.1 (software version 1600.2483.8106.11500, see SR2546 for more info) when the battery is drained there is a possibility that a device can’t turn on even though it has been charged. This bulletin provides potential solutions to address this. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 800 (RM-801) PR1.1 Zune update “battery drained devices can’t turn on” issue”

Error due to *.cardverref.xml – file when using Firmware Update in Phoenix Service Software

It may be possible that Phoenix service software shows error due to *.cardverref.xml – file verification failure when using Firmware Update

The purpose of this article is to provide a workaround for this problem

Phoenix may show an error due to *.cardverref.xml – file verification failure during Firmware Update. This may happen when product software files have been downloaded from Nokia Firmware Repository with Phoenix “Data Package Download” – function or Nokia Data Package Manager tool

This particular file is not necessary for Care, it is used only in production but still gets uploaded to FiRe with other variant specific files.

Care Suite Product Support Tool does not check the version of the file ( it is not used in programming anyway) so error is not shown.

The reason for error is that that different versions of the same file may get downloaded to same product specific folder, when software for different product codes is downloaded from Nokia Firmware Repository.


Go to product specific folder and delete the *.cardverref.xml –  file.  Then flashing works again. Please see attached document for screenshots.


  • Use DPM to Download files for RM-596 code 059C7R0
  • RM-596_M020.44.emmc.cardverref.xml – file for  059C7R0 is 366 bytes in size
  • Use DPM to Download files for RM-596 code 0599250
  • RM-596_M020.44.emmc.cardverref.xml file for 0599250 is 375 bytes in size
  • Now there are two versions of the same file in the same product specific data location
  • Refurbishment flash with Phoenix
    • 0599250 -> OK
    • 059C7R0 -> FAIL ( files for this variant were downloaded first, RM-596_M020.44.emmc.cardverref.xml was Overwritten by dfferent version of the same file)
  • The name of the file causing problem is shown in the error message
  • Solution:
    • Delete RM-596_M020.44.emmc.cardverref.xml from product specific folder
  • After this Refurbishment flash with Phoenix
    • 059C7R0 -> OK
    • 0599250 -> OK

Issue did not exist when offline data packages were used, they were put together with one file which did not change. But when files are coming down from FiRe it is possible to get different versions of this file.

Discuz 7.2 取消“返回列表”中带sid传递


1、Discuz后台 – 全局 – 优化设置 – 服务器优化 – 启用 URL 传递 sid ,请选择“否”




if($fid != $forum['fid']) {
$visitedforums .= '<li><a href="forumdisplay.php?fid='.$fid.'&amp;sid='.$sid.'">'.$_DCACHE['forums'][$fid]['name'].'</a></li>

if($fid != $forum['fid']) {
$visitedforums .= '<li><a href="forum-'.$fid.'-1.html">'.$_DCACHE['forums'][$fid]['name'].'</a></li>';




经过InstallShield的一番编辑,解决了不能安装的问题,但是和2009年12月27日发布的凤凰2009内部版本一样,在单独安装凤凰主程序的时候会有一个checkbox(勾选框),内容为是否安装凤凰浏览器,如果不勾选,安装完成后我的电脑菜单是不会存在“Phoenix Phone Browser API”的

但是我想让他默认勾选,因为用inno setup打包的时候是静默安装,不会给用户勾选的机会,而我偏偏想要这个功能,因为对于删除手机自带文件,是个很不错的插件,在处理上个版本这个checkbox的时候,花了一个晚上,最后居然稀里糊涂的解决了,这次总算找到真正的解决方法了,是从InstallShield官方发现的

For any type of control, the initial value or state of the control is defined by the
corresponding property’s value. The value can be set in the Property table. In the case of a
check box control, the initial state can be checked (selected) or unchecked (cleared):

To have the check box initially checked, use the Property Manager view of the
InstallShield environment to set the property (CHECKBOXPROP) to the same value
you defined in the check box control’s Value setting (1, in this example).

To have the check box initially unchecked, delete the property (CHECKBOXPROP) from
the Property Manager view.

最新的内部凤凰版本安装截图 : ) PS:这个版本不会被公布,只有凤凰刷机论坛内部人员才可以使用


前几日装回了Windows 7,因为要与老外交流,遂安装上最新的MSN 9,但是装完后一登录立马就卡的不能动,和一些朋友聊天时也无法发送表情,一点表情按键就会失去响应

今天使用驱动之家的驱动精灵2010 beta版更新了音频驱动至最新版,问题得以解决,嗬嗬嗬嗬,在网上找了很久都没有真正的解决方案,居然在无意的使用中被解决了~遇到这样问题的朋友不妨试下我的方法