Nokia Care Suite 5.0 2012.44.5.3

New features in the Care Suite 5.0
Support For WP8 devices:
-Refurbish and recovery
-User is notified to remove existing memory card from the device before flashing.
-HW tests: Self test, Touch Display test, Display test, Vibra test, SIM test, Keyboard test, Memory card test, Microphones test, Accelerometer test and Audio Output test.
-Mode changer, having also Power Off feature.
-Type Label Printing.
-Multi IMEI Reader.
Support for new products: RM-824, RM-825, RM-826, RM-845, RM-867, RM-846, RM-821, RM-820, RM-822, RM-878, RM-913, RM-914, RM-915, RM-917, RM-918, RM-923, RM-885, RM-887, RM-860.

Changes & Error corrections from previous version
SW Update feature is removed.

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