Nokia Care Suite 5.0 2012.45.4.5

New features in the Care Suite 5.0
Light test is added for WP8 devices.
Detailed recovery instructions with pictures are done for WP8 devices.
Multi refurbish is enabled for WP8 devices.
For maximum 16 device simultaneous refurbish requires this setup:
-Use a PC that has at least four independent USB 2.0 host controllers.
-Connect no more than one powered external USB hub to each host controller
Each external hub must have its own independent power source, with the capability to supply at least 500 mA per device connected to it.
-Connect no more than four devices to each hub.
-Result: no more than these four devices will share the entire bandwidth of a single USB host controller,
and according to our testing, this is sufficient throughput at the current time for reliable use
of the USB bus when doing Windows Phone 8 device flashing.

Changes & Error corrections from previous version
SIM and memory card tests are updated for WP8 devices.
Menus are fixed for RM-843 and RM-852. These are disabled in this release for them: SW Reset, Touchpad calibration, ALS test and ALS calibration.

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