Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0 2013.38.3.2

New version of the Nokia Care Suite Product Support Tool 5.0 is available.
It provides support for the Nokia Windows Phones (Lumia), the latest Asha devices and products supported by the Testing and Tuning tool. Installation package and latest version of User Guide Document are attached.
For the products that are not supported in this release, old PST and Multi SW Updater version 2011.50.2 or Phoenix release needs to be used.
New features in the Care Suite 5.0
Barometer test added for RM-875, RM-876, RM-877.
Support for new products: RM-920, RM-922, RM-944, RM-945, RM-947, RM-951, RM-958, RM-959, RM-961, RM-962, RM-963.
Memory Card Test added for RM-692, RM-693, RM-694, RM-702, RM-704, RM-724, RM-725, RM-761, RM-766, RM-767, RM-768, RM-772, RM-799, RM-800, RM-810, RM-811, RM-827, RM-832, RM-834, RM-837, RM-838, RM-839, RM-840, RM-841, RM-843, RM-852, RM-862, RM-863, RM-864, RM-871, RM-872, RM-873, RM-899, RM-900, RM-902, RM-907, RM-911, RM-919, RM-920, RM-921, RM-922, RM-924, RM-925, RM-926, RM-928, RM-929, RM-934, RM-947, RM-948, RM-949, RM-950, RM-951, RM-952, RM-953, RM-954, RM-956, RM-957, RM-958, RM-959.

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