What to do when my Nokia Symbian ^3 device does not charge or boot up after the battery runs out?

Depending on the situation, proceed as follows:

A.  Battery runs out (goes flat) in normal use and the phone turns off.

When the charger is connected to the phone and if it seems that the phone:

  • does not start to charge (charging bar not running and charging indicator light not lit) or
  • is not booting up from power key shortly after the charger was connected.

In this situation, repair the problem in the following way:

  1. To boot up the phone: Wait at least 20 seconds (with the charger still connected) and press the power key.
  2. To re-charge the battery: Wait at least 20 seconds (with the charger still connected) and re-connect the charger.

B.  The battery has ran out (has gone flat) as the phone has NOT been in use for several days / weeks (i.e. the battery has gone totally empty).

When charger is connected to the phone, it may take several minutes before the charging starts and anything is seen on the screen. Do the following:

  1. Charge the phone before trying to start it.
  2. In some cases charging may not start when connecting the charger to the phone for the first time. If that happens, disconnect the charger and try again.
  3. Check that the charging LED light is lit. If light is seen, then charging works properly.

Applies for Symbian Anna and earlier software releases.

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