Nokia Data Package Manager 2013.7.5 Edited

New version 2013.7.5 of the Nokia Data Package Manager Tool is available. This version should be used on all service levels, it replaces both earlier versions of the Data Package Manager Tool

  • Data Package Manager Lite v 2011.24.1 for Levels 1-2
  • Data Package Manager 2012.18.0
  • Releases of the DPM Lite tool have been discontinued, please uninstall DPM Lite 2011.24.1 from your PC before you install DPM 2012.18.0 or newer.


Nokia Data Package Manager is a service software tool which provides following functions:

  • Real Time downloading of product software files via online connection from Nokia Firmware Repository (FiRe)
  • Scheduled downloading of product software files via online connection from Nokia Firmware Repository (FiRe)
  • Search function and creation of filters for the data you need to download.
  • Checking and organizing your locally installed product software content.
  • Nokia Data Package Manager Tool is an independent tool, but it can also be used on same PC with other Nokia Service Software Applications, such as Phoenix or Care Suite

Changes and Improvements from previous version 2012.18.0:

  • Mandatory login with Nokia Online Credentials added
  • Connection to Nokia Firmware Repository is not possible without providing Nokia Online username and password
  • Open Nokia Firmware Repository Channel will be closed by the end of February 2013, after this use of older application versions is not possible anymore

This is an edited version, you don’t need the username and password, and you can download firmware with this Tutorial.

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103 Replies to “Nokia Data Package Manager 2013.7.5 Edited”

  1. It’s not going to online mood..Please help…..when I am open it.
    Its shown currently application is not able work in online mode

  2. hi good afternoon i hope you can help me because i am having problems with my nokia c3 i cant enter the store or download whatsapp

  3. i try lots of time to update my Nokia Android xl phone ,but it’s doesn’t work for , m seek in tired of this phone to used

  4. I downloaded the edited version of data package manager, but still requires an account so you can make it work online (does not sign in and is offline ). I need a new firmware for for my Lumia 925. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

    1. can u please tell me the link that u downloaded nokia data package manager online work without account.

  5. Im download install edit file 1to 0 login ok but when downlaod file error FAKe Salotion FAKE fAKe

  6. i’ve downloaded but while searching it is showing a n Error –
    “Error while retrieving a list of variant ”
    pls help me..

  7. thank you for the great work but the interface hangs on logging to server it was working when i installed but now hangs. changed the computer.

  8. Stops on Logging into remote server? I really need firmware Lumia 920 Country variant 3047.0000.1326.2001

  9. I downloaded it and installed it. But it just hang at showing the splash screen, said: logging into remote server. Any clue about this?

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