Software Update for Nokia XL Dual SIM (RM-1030): Version

Please use Nokia Data Package Manager to download the firmware.

059W161: RM-1030 NDT APAC ID ERA V2
059W162: RM-1030 NDT APAC ID PAR V2
059W163: RM-1030 NDT APAC ID TRI V2
059W159: RM-1030 NDT APAC KH V2
059W160: RM-1030 NDT APAC MY V2
059W158: RM-1030 NDT APAC PH V2
059W157: RM-1030 NDT APAC TH V2
059W156: RM-1030 NDT APAC VN V2
059W168: RM-1030 NDT EURO KZ V2
059W166: RM-1030 NDT EURO PL V2
059W164: RM-1030 NDT EURO RU V2
059W165: RM-1030 NDT EURO TR V2
059W167: RM-1030 NDT EURO UA V2
059W180: RM-1030 NDT IMEA AE V2
059W181: RM-1030 NDT IMEA BD V2
059W173: RM-1030 NDT IMEA EG V2
059W171: RM-1030 NDT IMEA IN V2
059W174: RM-1030 NDT IMEA KE V2
059W179: RM-1030 NDT IMEA KW V2
059W175: RM-1030 NDT IMEA NG V2
059W177: RM-1030 NDT IMEA OM V2
059W170: RM-1030 NDT IMEA PK V2
059W178: RM-1030 NDT IMEA QA V2
059W176: RM-1030 NDT IMEA SA V2

“Software Update for Nokia XL Dual SIM (RM-1030): Version”的70个回复

  1. I love Nokia products and also I’ll like d company to help me I tried to download play store but it couldn’t work up till now pls someone should assist

  2. I’m using Nokia-XL,RM-1030,version,product code 059V6Q6,how to update my version

  3. When I turn on my nokia xl then I observing from 15to16 days that in that mobile data is turning on with wifi automatically…I want some sol ….

  4. pls help me I don’t know how to rooted my Nokia xl rm 1030 dual sim. pls I need help badly with this my phone. I m getting tired of using this low version, I need to rooted it

    1. You need to root your phone..
      I’m also using Google play service after rooted my phone.
      If u want to know how to root then send me the “yes” through email.
      I will help u.

      1. hi man,
        im using nolia xl rm 1030. i couldnt install play store of google in my phone. help me out.

    2. I have Nokia xl1030.Google play services and Google play store doesn’t run in my mobile.Why?

  5. hi if you want to install google play on your nokia xl so contact 923330926215

  6. My product code is 059V6Q6. Can i download and install any other product code in my nokia xl as my product code is not available in the nokia server ? Will it have any sort of problem if i install any other product code ?

    Thank You.

  7. My nokiaxl code is059V6S5 ans platform is 1.1.1
    I cant download youtube videos wht should i do?

  8. i cant download with data manager, it asks for user id and password plz help

  9. My product code belongs to my nokia xl is : 059W178 , can I flash my phone with other product code?if yes, what is the difference between these codes?

  10. my nokia xl code is 059V6Q6 please send me the link where i can download flash file for this code

  11. my nokia XL screen turns black after the screen have gone off and the back key does not work
    can it work after using this process,,please help me

  12. is it possible to download the data packages without the NDPM. like use my download manager then combine them and put in path for flashin

  13. dead flashing is same as Recovery.. flashing where you choose no connection ryt? Cuz dats wat i did. I choose no connection nd click recovery. Nd start flahing…

  14. plz help. I wipe system data with team win reacovery app. Since My Nokia Xl is not booting up. I use nokia data package manager to download data packages with d code. Now i use it to flash. When reach stage of flash system is say recovery failed. if i power up it shows nokia den change to andriod nd stay like dat till bat3 is down without start up. Any solution? usb nd bootloader still workin

  15. it is showing me old version..i.e….
    my code is 059V6Q6
    please help me…..

  16. I am not able to see the update for my nokia XL Model RM-1030 and product code 059V6Q6

  17. Thank you !
    I have Nokia XL with version…
    I want to update it , i am from india which version is for me ?

        1. i used this code in data manager and it showed
          059W171: RM-1030 NDT IMEA IN V2 ~ 700mb

      1. My product code is 059V6S5 which is version Can I flash over it with 059W180 which is version


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