Nokia Data Package Manager 2 v1.0.1202.1422 (NOL Account Needed)

Version 1.0.1202.1422 of the Nokia Data Package Manager Tool is available. This version can be used on all service levels, it replaces earlier versions of the Nokia Data Package Manager Tool

Please uninstall earlier versions of Data Package Manager 2 Tool from Windows Control Panel before you install this version !

Nokia Data Package Manager 2 is a service software tool which provides following functions:

  • Real Time and scheduled downloading of product software files via online connection from Nokia Firmware Repository (FiRe)
  • Search function and creation of filters for the data you need to download.
  • Checking and organizing your locally installed product software content.
  • Nokia Data Package Manager Tool is an independent tool, but it can also be used on same PC with other Nokia Service Software Applications

Changes and Improvements from previous version

  • “Parallel downloader” added to provide faster download times. Please note that download speed depends on network connection speed and quality.
  • Support for Dynamic Test Mode Software file downloading.

Known Errors & Limitations

Prerequisites for installation and use

  1. Please install Microsoft .Net 4.5 Framework before installing Nokia Data Package Manager 2
  2. Administrator rigthts are required for installation
  3. Nokia Online (NOL) credentials must be provided for downloading device software from Nokia firmware Repository

Run “Nokia Data Package Manager 2 v1.0.1202.1422.msi”

Uninstall “DPM 2.0” from Windows Control Panel

NOTE: Data Package Manager 1 can not be used as it does not recognize tese file types !
When using Data Package Manager 2, you can find and download Dynamic Test Mode Software files in following way

  1. Run Data Package Manager 2 version 1.0.1198.1419 or newer
  2. Enter Product Type (like RM-978) to the “Search and Filter” – field
  3. Look for variant named “Test Mode Package” (like RM-978 Test Mode Package)
  4. Download this file

Download Now

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    1. Dont have a website nd would like to have an account in nols since i deal with phones most of the time

  1. where can i get an NOL account? i thought it was the same as the nokia account that we use in our phones…

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