How can I set up the wireless sync between my Nokia Lumia phone and the PC?

Zune wireless sync gives you the freedom to wirelessly sync your music, videos, pictures, and podcasts from your collection to your Nokia Lumia Phone.

You need to have the Zune computer client installed on your computer. Zune software can be downloaded
You also need to have a WLAN (WiFi) router on your home network.
Please set the Zune computer client to allow wireless synching. Select Settings -> Phone -> Wireless sync. Follow the instructions on screen.
Also the Nokia Lumia phone has to be plugged in to a charger due to power considerations.

What type of content is available on Nokia Store?

Nokia Store offers a wide variety of publisher created content for your Nokia Symbian, Nokia Meego and Nokia S40 platform phones. Whether looking for the latest mobile application or a great new ringtone, Nokia Store can offer it all. Content is currently sorted into the following categories: ApplicationsGamesAudio & Video and Personalisation. The following content can be found within each category:


Applications Games Audio & Video Personalisation
Business Action Audio Ringtones
City Guides & Maps Adventure Video Themes
Entertainment Arcade Wallpapers
Music Card & Casino
News & Info Education
Photo & Video Puzzle
Reference Sports
Social Networks Strategy
Sports Trivia

In addition to fixed categories there may also be various Collections available for you.

What to do when my Nokia Symbian ^3 device does not charge or boot up after the battery runs out?

Depending on the situation, proceed as follows:

A.  Battery runs out (goes flat) in normal use and the phone turns off.

When the charger is connected to the phone and if it seems that the phone:

  • does not start to charge (charging bar not running and charging indicator light not lit) or
  • is not booting up from power key shortly after the charger was connected.

In this situation, repair the problem in the following way:

  1. To boot up the phone: Wait at least 20 seconds (with the charger still connected) and press the power key.
  2. To re-charge the battery: Wait at least 20 seconds (with the charger still connected) and re-connect the charger.

B.  The battery has ran out (has gone flat) as the phone has NOT been in use for several days / weeks (i.e. the battery has gone totally empty).

When charger is connected to the phone, it may take several minutes before the charging starts and anything is seen on the screen. Do the following:

  1. Charge the phone before trying to start it.
  2. In some cases charging may not start when connecting the charger to the phone for the first time. If that happens, disconnect the charger and try again.
  3. Check that the charging LED light is lit. If light is seen, then charging works properly.

Applies for Symbian Anna and earlier software releases.

Does my Nokia E5-00 device support Video call?

Yes, video call is supported, although there is no secondary camera on the Nokia E5-00 device. You can display pictures over the video call by using main camera.

For more information, see Nokia E5-00 User Guide.

When I try to open an .ini file in the Files application on my Nokia Belle device I get an error message ‘Unable to open file’. What should I do?

As a workaround, the default applications for all plain text file formats can be changed from Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Default Applications > Options (icon on the lower right corner) > Advanced options > Select Open text plain Select Application Notes. This will however result in all plain text files (even .txt) opening in the new default application.

This is a known issue after installing MS Apps version 2.0.

My Lumia phone switched off because the battery was completely drained and now nothing seems to happen when I connect it to charger. What should I do?

If the battery is completely discharged, it may take several minutes before the charging indicator is displayed or before any calls can be made. In some cases where the battery is extremely low, one of the following tricks may resolve your issue.

  • Connect the phone to your computer with a USB cable that came in the sales package with your Lumia phone. If the battery has not been used for a long time, to begin charging, you may need to connect the cable, then disconnect and reconnect it.
  • Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds, and then press to turn on your phone again.
  • Your PC should detect your phone when it is connected using a USB cable, if this is not happening you can manually switch the phone into specific mode following these steps:

1. Disconnect your phone from the USB cable.
2. Hold down the camera button.
3. Continue holding down the camera button and connect the USB cable between your phone and PC.
4. Continue holding down the camera button until you see the connect-to-computer screen on your Lumia phone display.
5. Release the camera button.
6. The Zune software on the PC should automatically detect your phone now and charging indicator appears on the display.

If the tricks above does not help, you will need to contact your local Nokia Care. You can find details by clicking the Contact us link in the support pages of the Nokia website for your country.

Note: Your battery has been partially charged at the factory but when taking your new device into use, please keep the charger connected for 30 minutes. It is recommended to use original charger (AC-16).

What to do if Meein client on my Nokia N9 constantly fails to connect to LinkedIn and shows “Unknown error”?

As the first step, check that a correct LinkedIn user name and password are defined. Check with a PC that you can successfully connect to LinkedIn with your credentials.

If the credentials are correct, you may need to reinstall the Meein client or reset your device to recover. Try the workarounds below, in the given order:

1. Reinstall Meein client

  • Uninstall Meein by selecting Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Meein > Uninstall.
  • Reinstall Meein from Nokia Store.

2. Reset your device with Restore settings command

  • Uninstall Meein by selecting Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Meein > Uninstall.
  • Select Settings > Reset > Restore settings.
  • Reinstall Meein from Nokia Store.

3. Clear your device with Clear device command

If the above workarounds don’t help, you may need clear your device. When clearing the device, remember to take a backup to preserve your data.

  • Uninstall Meein by selecting Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Meein > Uninstall.
  • Take a backup of your device (e.g. with Nokia Suite v3.5).
  • Clear the device by selecting Settings > Reset > Clear device.
  • After the device has been cleared and it reboots, restore the backup.
  • Install Meein client from Nokia Store.

If still no success, clear the device again and try the same steps as above but disable “Applications, settings” when restoring from the backup (to avoid the problem being reintroduced by the original settings).

Can I scan QR codes with my Nokia Symbian phone?

Yes. On Nokia Store there are several different QR and bar code reader applications available. Using Nokia Store phone client (or on web ) please use search words like “QR reader” to find a proper application for your phone, download and install the application on your phone. In order to scan the codes follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the screen.

How do I create a new access point on my Nokia Lumia?

An access point name (APN) is the address the phone uses to connect to a mobile network. By default, APNs are set automatically when the phone is first set up. The Access Point Name (APN) is normally retrieved from the SIM card. If you change another operator’s SIM card in the device, the APN settings may be wrong for the operator.

If your phone’s cellular data connection or MMS service settings are not working, those can be set afterwards using the Network Setup application. If you don’t already have, download and install it from the Nokia Collection that appears on the Marketplace.

Network Setup is executed during the next phone startup, according to a SIM card information it configures the cellular data connection and MMS service settings on your phone automatically. Alternatively you can enter settings manually for either or both, to start the application swipe left to the App list, and tap Network Setup.

Mandatory field titles are viewed with accent color and save button is activated after having values in those fields. After having needed fields filled, press Save.

Internet APN:

Access point name
Proxy address
Proxy port


MMS access point name
Proxy address
Proxy port
MMSC address

Also, some operators may allow business users to access their company network from the mobile data network through a company-specific APN. Such company network access is configured in the device by adding an APN. The operator may also define a username and password for the access point.

Where do I find VoIP service configuration settings in Symbian^3 devices?

You may get the VoIP call settings from your VoiP service provider via an installation message that you save in your device, or you can create the settings yourself with a separate tool program (e.g. SIP VoIP Settings).

In Symbian^3 devices, when an internet call service has been installed, a tab for the service is displayed in the Contacts menu.

When you are signed in to an internet call service, you can make a call from the friends list or the contacts list. Select Menu > Contacts.

To call a contact in the friends list, open the internet call service tab, and sign in to an internet call service. Select a contact from the friends list, and select Internet call.

To make an internet call to a phone number or SIP address, in the home screen, select Call to open the dialler, and enter the number. Then select Options > Call > Internet call.